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  • Saturday, October 14, 2006


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    California's Secret
    ..The race is on! Trout from Hebgen Lake are finally dashing up the Madison River in the numbers that make even a novice an expert. The bright days mean that early morning and late evening fishing are exceptionally rewarding.
    .. The fish are running the gauntlet of expectant anglers, and doing it successfully. There are places where it's possible to see the mating ritual on the Madison River & the Gibbon River. It's best to lay down in the grass and be very still. The fish don't seem to mind, but some fisher folks may see where you are.
    .. Unlike the GREAT ROD RACE in Britain, this is a matter of life and death for the fish, and it's desperate and persistent. If you want to participate you should get here soon. The park is about to close and the fish will be left to their own devices. As a matter of fact, it looks like winter is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

    .. The best of all worlds exists right now, and for the next week or so. When it's sunny in the afternoon there are reliable caddis hatches on the Firehole River and the Madison River and Nez Perce Creek and the Gibbon River. When the weather is blustery and gray the Baetis are going nuts, (along with the fishers and the fish!)
    .. The flies are small this time of year. Don't let it confuse you. Use the rare double fly rig with a pair of the same pattern with two different sizes. For the Baetis use a size 18 and 20. For the Caddis use a size 12 and either 14 or 16. Let your line come tight, and don't raise it too quickly. For the big submerged fish use a size 6 or 8 rubber legs and a 10 or 12 soft hackle.
    .. The Gallatin River is getting cold, but the evening is seeing excellent dry fly action to small Baetis and the not too rare sun-loving Caddis. The Baetis are in the 16 - 18 range, the caddis about size 14. Use a Feather Duster, Prince Nymph, or very small, (14 -16,) Green Thing during mid day.
    .. Slough Creek might have another week of fishing left, (weather dependant,) and the Lamar River is more frequently muddy than clear. There is still good fishing for eager cutts in Pebble Creek, and around Ice Box Canyon on Soda Butte Creek. This is a catch-as-catch-can proposition, and unless you're in the area, the weather can throw you a big curve.
    .. The most overlooked good fishing, this time of year, is the Firehole River. The section along the trail to Lone Star Geyser has good activity and lots of fish. Take your four weight and a double-handful of attractors for nearly constant action - rain or shine - shade or sun - deep or shallow.

    .. The second most overlooked area, this time of year, is the last 1/2 mile of Bacon Rind Creek. This very shallow stretch can produce 14" fish in only 8" - 10" of water. The aerobatics are stunning. Use the same flies as for the Gallatin River, and use your best sneakiness.
    .. The third most overlooked bit of water is the meadow section of Grayling Creek below Horseshoe hill. There can be giants in this section if you are willing to climb up out of the hole when you're exhausted from catching too many fish. Down stream casting to rising fish will work in the morning because of the light; upstream in the evening. Small, (6 - 10,) streamers and buggers are the ticket for the larger fish. Itty-bitty floaters, (size 22 or less!!) for the risers.
    .. Some time on Tuesday the population of the United States of America will reach 300,000,000 people. Third behind India and China. The problem will eventually be solved and earth will be devoid of humans according to an article cited by Ass Hooked Whitey.
    .. Kevin Vranes at No Se Nada is celebrating a happy occasion. This blog is just over a year old and is growing in stature among the information sharing science-blog scene.
    .. T.C. & Friday Follies at the Trout Underground has again proved to be both highly entertaining, and totally devoid of fishing information. We've discovered the big secret of his wealth of stories about fishing on the Upper Sac: JACK TROUT'S WEBLOG, a site so full of information and photographs it takes 15 minutes to load. Check out last year's page for familiar, (though not as well executed,) location photos of the Upper Sac. And he was bemoaning the fact that we had two blogs! We also notice that the Bikini Wars have heated up to the level of eye-popping! So here's a photo of a real person that will allow a more soothing perspective for the eyes.
    .. The Joseph Fly Shop reports that steelhead fishing on the Grande Ronde River is fair. The first of next week will bring some rain and weather that they hope will improve the fishing. Recruitment this year in the whole Columbia system is down. We hope it's better by the end of the month.