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  • Wednesday, April 25, 2012

    Records -- AGAIN !


    Firehole River:  [LINK]
    ===> CURRENT = 564 cfs
    ===> OLD         = 481 cfs

    Madison River:  [LINK]
    ===> CURRENT = 1,000 cfs
    ===> OLD         =  855 cfs

    -- Check the upcoming weather: some clouds, some rain, some snow, moderate temperatures continue. [LINK]

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Way Too Soon

    Can It Be Happening Now ?
    runoff increasing rapidly
    (P.S. The Firehole River is at 70° F)

    .. With just three days, (four counting today,) of record and near-record temperatures the neighborhood rivers have, in one day, set nearly two discharge records, (the Gallatin shoud see one tomorrow.) Gadzooks! It's still April
    .. The Gibbon is probably at record flows too. The gauge is gone now so we can't give detailed figures. We'll cruise in there and see what it looks like.

    Monday, April 23, 2012


    Ice Disappearing Rapidly
    fish are ravenous
    .. 70° F is a bit warm for this time of year; just ask the fish. They've gone nuts. The ice on Hebgen Lake is about to vanish along with the "EDGE-OF-ICE" fishing opportunities.
    .. The fish are so confused by the rapidly vanishing ice that they are eating anything and everything in the water that fits in their mouth. This won't last long.
    .. Between the Lakes is the current favorite destination for 'combat fishing.' Bring your elbow pads and protective goggles. With any luck at all you'll be able to add several new license plates to your Spring sightings.
    .. If you have some new and obnoxious ring-tones for your cell phone bring them too: they are useful trading material. They may even get you some casting room.
    .. If you are an Android user you can track bears with the "WHERE'S A BEAR" app. Try it - you'll like the crowds.
    .. The Boat Ramp at the head of Quake Lake is producing so many fish that even the garden hackle fishers have abandoned it in favor of a more sporting proposition. They've moved to the outlet of Quake Lake where they have time for a sip of beer between fish.
    .. Lawn chairs and tank tops were the fashion yesterday at the lake. It promises to be the same today too.
    .. Some of the neighbors will be chasing the edge of the ice today with canoes, drift boats, kayaks, tin boats, aluminum boats, and other floating devices. There's no word about float tubes - we wouldn't put it past some of them.
    .. The whole Madison Arm is clear of ice. Sled-head-fishers report that the South Fork Arm is well into the lake.
    .. The bison, giving birth, on Horse Butte are even thinking of becoming omnivores right now. The swamps and willow brambles at the point are being trampled into an interchange of fishing trails. To say there is a frenzy would be to understate situation.
    .. Offerings to the fish include anything in the box. Float it, Sink it, Strip it, Splash it, or present it in any novel way that you can think of - the fish will eat it. Don't let them see your fly box - they've been known to leave the lake and devour them whole - right out of your hand.
    .. Get here yesterday. Bring the whole family, (everyone else is,) and enjoy a few days of silly-stupid catching. Hell, I even caught some.

    Friday, April 20, 2012

    Eastward HO !

    We'll Be There

    .. Yellowstone National Park will open it's gates to wheeled vehicle traffic this morning.
    .. We're going to check and see if the rumor that they have moved it to New Jersey is true. You will be the first to know.

    Monday, April 16, 2012

    Low Down

    Don't You Believe It
    fish are where you find 'em

    .. Took a quick trip to the lowland Gallatin River. Found some fish. Frightened some fish. Caught some fish. Hooked some fish. Missed some fish. Life is good.
    .. Used this:

    Friday, April 06, 2012

    We Digress

    A Return To Childhood
    foreign to fly fishers

    .. Each year at this time our fragile psyche and it's inherently schizoid perspective is torn between the opening of fishing in Yellowstone National Park and the Indianapolis 500 Race on Memorial Day.
    .. For most fly folks it's a "no-brainer." For us, it recalls the radio and a central event in our nation's culture, (far less now than then,) and a simple childhood that was not cluttered with the nagging minutia of adult life.
    .. That period of fourteen lustra past is stuck in our fiber. We remember the names and brands and events with sunburst clarity. "Memorial Day" brings them back.
    .. Some memories are fuzzy at our age. Some are gone: we're sure. Some burst into our head - unbidden and hoary. They were forgotten. But some are enduring.
    .. Through the decades, for us, baggage was added to "Memorial Day."
    .. It got confused with "Armistice Day," "Decoration Day," "Veterans Day," and other death and dying memories in our young and growing gray matter.
    .. Yet throughout the fuzz in our brain about the meaning of the day, one thing remained persistent and constant: "The Race."
    .. And, so it is today. We could have waited to vent for another month or two but there is a gut-rumbling tremor in the world of Indy Cars.
    .. Chevy, a marque once associated with "AMERICANA" has been bailed out by our government and has returned to racing in grand style.
    .. They are making engines, (along with Roger Penske,and Llmor Engineering,) to compete in the Indy Car Series. And they are winning. Forget the similes and metaphors; this interests us.
    .. The twin turbo, direct injection, alloy engine rumbles instead of whines. It is corn-fed on ethanol, and it's not a V-8.
    .. We're not beguiled because it's 'Chevy,' not because it's GM, not because it's a touch of Spring, but because the race and the marque are a bit of our Americana.
    .. For instance: William C. Durant, (founder of GM,) Louis Chevrolet, Gaston Chevrolet, Frontenac, Offy, Belond, Meyer-Drake, Granetelli, Marmon, Jimmy Clark, Back Home Again in Indiana, Eddie Rickenbacker,  Tony Hullman, Janet Guthrie, Borg-Warner, Milk - and so much more are nailed to the race.
    .. We've already made up our mind, (in a fuzzy sort of way.) We'll tune in on Saturday, listen until noon or so and then make a brief foray into Yellowstone National Park, (weather be damned!) On Sunday we'll get up way too early, briefly visit the park and return home in time for the green flag on the radio.
    .. It bespeaks mountains of information about our psyche that opening day and race day are a full two months away and we're already agitated.
    .. What flies? What starting grid? What rod? What station? Which run? What snacks? Which Cigar? Which single malt?
    .. We've got two months to figure it out. Hell, in that time the MFWP will have already guaranteed the world perfect harmony and beautiful leisure experiences to all in our fair state.

    Wednesday, April 04, 2012

    Springtime Caprice

    50° F Today - Gone Tomorrow
    fish now

    .. Here comes the Springtime roller coaster. We're ready and may go "down canyon" just to see how the other half copes with the NWS Warning:

    Winter Storm Watch in effect from:
    Thursday evening through
    Friday evening...

    The National Weather Service in Great Falls has issued a Winter
    Storm Watch... which is in effect from Thursday evening through
    Friday evening.

    * Timing and main impact: light snow is expected to develop over
    the mountains of southwest Montana by Thursday morning then
    spread to the mountains of central Montana later Thursday. Snow
    will increase in intensity Thursday night and develop over the
    lower elevations. The heaviest snow is expected Friday before
    diminishing Friday night. Poor visibilities will hamper travel.

    * Snow accumulations: for the mountains 8 to 16 inches are
    possible. Several inches of snow are expected for the valleys
    and plains though higher amounts are possible.

    * Winds and visibility: southwest to west winds 10 to 20 mph are
    expected over southwest Montana by Friday while northwest winds
    10 to 20 mph are expected over central Montana. Visibilities
    could be below a half-mile over the mountains and at times over
    the plains and valleys.

    * Other impacts: roads could become snow covered and slippery.
    Heavy wet snow could cause damage to trees and possible power
    outages. Young unprotected livestock could become stressed.

    * Locations affected include: West Yellowstone... White Sulphur Springs...
    Battle Ridge Pass... Bozeman... Bozeman Pass... Targhee Pass... Stanford... Lewistown... Lewistown Divide...
    Boulder... Boulder Hill... Elk Park Pass... Homestake pass...
    Whitehall... Big Hole Pass... Chief Joseph Pass... Dillon...
    Monida Pass... Great Falls... Kings Hill Pass... Townsend...
    Ennis... Norris Hill... Raynolds Pass... Twin Bridges.

    Precautionary/preparedness actions...

    A Winter Storm Watch means there is a potential for significant
    snow... sleet... or ice accumulations that may impact travel.
    Continue to monitor the latest forecasts.