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  • Thursday, November 23, 2006

    A Fly Fishing Thanksgiving

    the bikini bird wishes you a
    from the fisherfolks in downtown Hoopa

    This is where the mind wanders to when the weather forces indoor fishing.

    Sunday, November 12, 2006

    Happy Birthday Baghdad School

    Here's Looking At You Babe.
    One Good Thing!
    .. Back in September we posted three notes, ( #1, #2, #3,) about The Baghdad School OF Fly Fishing.
    .. Montana Fly Fisherman, Navy Lieutenant Joel Stewart, started the school and it is celebrating it's one year birthday. The site is still up and attracting visitors, and the school is still going strong.
    .. A birthday update has been posted, and you're invited to the party.
    .. There are some spectacular realistic flies being tied by contributors to this effort and it's worth the site visit to see them.
    .. Ronald Aston sent spiders so realistic that they scared the troops. and 90 year-old Willard McCroskey has added several dozen flies to the effort. Thanks to them the fishers have time to concentrate on fishing rather than tying - though that is also part of the school.
    .. The majority of the fish being caught are Asp & Carp. These are large, powerful and handsome fish that will test the mettle of anyone. Good show!
    .. And, as a reminder; should you want to join some of the interested helpers, please do! There is a list of flies and material types that are most needed posted on the site. If you have flies that you would like tested give it a shot. You can see who is helping out the effort (here.)
    .. Thanks again to Joel and to Bill Jones for introducing this sport to our troops. Down time during war is precious, and next to home and family this is a great way to salvage some sanity and serenity.

    Wet Weather

    it's joy and hope

    .....(12,Nov. 2006) from the wet side of Gig Harbor.
    .. Well the weather won't cooperate. A report here would only be redundant - check the notes and reports from Moldy Chum Link #1, Link #2.
    .. Just noticed a post by the Mad Fishicist about Grayling. It set us to dreams and remembrances. Every year, in the spring, we set out to capture one of these iridescent beauties. It allows us to find the clearest and most pristine waters in the park.
    .. The fish, Thymallus arcticus, is a tough and scrappy fish that found itself stranded in Montana, and Yellowstone by the caprice of moving continents - glacial recession - upthrust - and happenstance. Truly a gift - an artifact of Edens past.
    .. There may be distinct speciation between the lacustriane and fluvial forms. The debate hinges on evidence that is not clear, or missing. (Read the current report from the American Fisheries Society.) The report is a frightening reminder that what we don't know leads to what we don't have!
    .. It would be a tragedy to lose these little gems. They require only the most pure of waters, and serve as the aquatic "canary" for many environments.
    .. Early in the spring of this year we caught our annual grayling. It was a large fish - as grayling go - and it renewed our energy for the year.
    .. The clean & pure water that the fish thrives on is disappearing. The places to find it are few. The fly fishing culture has ignored this fish, as it has disparaged the Mountain Whitefish. Without friends they will probably disappear, and it's our loss.
    .. We appreciate the sentiments expressed in the post by the Mad Fishicist. Hearts of more fly fishers should ". . . skip like an old 45."

    Monday, November 06, 2006


    Baetis On Firehole
    big fish at barns
    ..We decided to visit the Firehole River and the Barns Holes on the Madison River one last time as the park closes and gets ready for the onslaught of winter tourism. From now until next Memorial Day, (May 28, 2007,) the fish get a bit of a rest - survival necessities aside!
    .. There was not a track on the trail at the Barns Hole #1. We fixed that and were rewarded with a nice 18" Brown Trout. It eagerly took the poorly casted Dark Spruce Fly, (size 6, 2xl,) just about five feet into what should have been a 20 foot drift. We watched as the shimmer took the fly. Surprise is a wonderful anesthetic - we stood anchored to the spot as the fish hooked itself; ran twice, jumped thrice and came to hand like a tired puppy.
    .. Not wanting to test our karma; we retraced our steps and headed to the Firehole River for some bright-overcast-foggy-Baetis. There were quite a few folks on the river and all seemed to be dancing with something in the water. We had a dance or two, (size 18, Quick And Easy,) and then went to visit friends in the Government Slum at Madison Junction.


    Thursday, November 02, 2006

    And So It Goes

    Sun Today - Rainy Snow Tomorrow
    our winter look
    .. For some unknown reason the weather gods have smiled on West Yellowstone and the western portion of Yellowstone. Clear days with plenty of sun and temperatures in the 40's have continued to bless us, (some minor flurries and drizzle punctuate the blessing.) Clear nights and -10's are also here, (the bears in town are fewer this year.)
    .. The guides freeze, the reel grease is it's own drag, and the fish are ravenous. The Gallatin River has slowed to a picture, the Madison River is still fishing very well, The Firehole River is blessed with Caddis in the sun & Baetis in the rain, and there are good fish near the road on the Gibbon River. This weekend may be the best fall fishing of the year - it's going to warm up and rain.
    .. We'll be posting less, (weekly or a bit more,) and from afar. There is fishing outside of Yellowstone National Park and we intend to explore it while we can. The winter in Yellowstone often provides news of planning, regulations changes, fish counts, and management decisions. We'll keep you updated.