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  • Thursday, March 24, 2011

    DOA ?

    HB 309 TABLED
    Thanks Are In Order
    celebrations may be premature 

    .. The odious "Ditch Bill" has been tabled in the Montana Senate Agriculture Committee. This is interim good news.
    .. Now then, those of you who wrote letters, made phone calls, or sent emails - DO IT AGAIN!
    .. Thank the party you wrote to. Express your gratitude at sanity prevailing in this bizarre legislative session. The thank you's are just about as important as the call to arms. Don't let it slide.
    .. A tabled bill is not dead! Repeat; "A TABLED BILL IS NOT DEAD!" Sneak attacks are possible at the last minute when they think you're not looking. Write those letters. Let them know that you are watching.
    .. Read the news and analysis at these sites:
    ==> Chi Wulff,
    ==> Will Fish For Work,
    ==> Tight Line Adventures.
    .. Brookings pictures to follow.
    Photo courtesy of G.M. Craeg

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Brief Pause

    Tsunami Strike 
    {Nuklear Explosion - Japan}
    .. Back in a few! [Brookings harbor images from Nov./Dec. 2010]
    Brookings Harbor Today

    Wednesday, March 09, 2011

    Are They Listening ?

    Vote To Follow
    we can say it no better.
    .. The shouting is over. Opponents of HB 309 caused headlines. The Montana Senate and The Governor should be listening.
    .. The committee must now deliberate and vote. We're waiting. There are better reports from Helena, Montana than we can write. Read them below:

    ===> Report, WILL FISH FOR WORK,
    ===> Report, NBC MONTANA, (with video,)
    ===> First person report, THE HEADHUNTER,
    ===> Google search, Montana HB 309.
    .. And that's the way it is.

    Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    Lighting The Fires

    Read 'Em & Smile
    the statehouse is crackling

    .. It's not a firestorm yet but Montanans are coming alive in newspapers and in person.
    .. Today is the Montana Senate hearing on HB 309. Shortly news of the results will be in the papers and on the Web. Audio and video will be available by tomorrow or the next day. T.V. will be the first to report it.
    .. Live streaming video may be available. Click THIS PAGE now. We'll keep you informed. In the meantime check the following:
    ===> Flathead Area Representatives for HB 309, read the comments in the FLATHEAD BEACON,
    ===> LaVerne Sultz Response, FLATHEAD BEACON,
    ===> T.U. Letter in BOZEMAN CHRONICLE,
    ===> The Lorax speaks:
    ..... Chi Wulff,
    ..... Missoulian, (Senator Barrett - Dillon,)
    ..... Montana Standard, (Senator Barrett - Dillon,)
    ===> NBC Montana, (poor summary,)
    ===> Trout Underground, (good reporting,)
    ===> Summary & call to arms; Will Fish For Work.
    ===> Call in the Cavalry !!! at Chi Wulff.

    Monday, March 07, 2011

    They're Back

    Dazzling Days Bring Action
    don't get too complacent
    Lowland Fishers Out Early And Happy
    .. The pre-spring meltdown has kicked fish, fishers, and midges in the butt, so to speak.
    Madison Maulers
    .. It's not spring yet but there has been a spate of nice days and enough bright sun to lengthen the icicles and charge the pineal gland. We're anticipating getting on the river just like the lowland fisher's are doing.
    .. Yesterday was glorious. The sun was visible for most of the day. The clouds were broken and billowed over the continental divide like so much cotton candy, and the thermometer saw 40° and a bit more.
    .. Neighbors dashed to the Madison River between the lakes early and spent most of the day because of the breeze - it never showed up. Midges were in abundance. Fishers were in abundance. Fish of the largest kind have finally made their presence known between the lakes and all is right with the world for now.
    .. We shan't dwell on it but it was one of those days when "oops," "damitall," and "ohshit," were not heard from the lips of fishers. All bits of fluff seemed to work. The fish are hungry voracious, vivacious, and eager.
    Yellowstone Winter Grub
    .. The neighbors, of course, used midge clusters to start with. Then drowned and mangled ants, and caddis, and even some streamers to gull the fish. Almost the whole box got exercised and the flies used were local favorites. The Madison Mauler and the Feather Duster ended up being more effective than midge clusters during the early going.
    CDC Ant
    .. By 1:00 PM little streamers, Shop Vacs, and drowned ants were taking fish with amazing regularity. There is not an ant or caddis in sight - don't tell the fish!
    .. We used our Scarlet Ibis and Winter Grub with satisfying success until the shadows covered the water.
    .. Some younger legs stayed in the cold water until dark. One of the reported perfect flies for the late afternoon and evening was a drowned CDC Ant. Un-greased and fished just in or below the film it was the go-to fly until dark.
    .. It's nice to see the sun for so great a duration during any single day. It lulls us into thinking that Spring is here. We know better. We know it's just a teaser. We know there's more bite in our upcoming weather - BUT, for now, it's very deep, and blindingly white, and deadly still  -- it sure is nice.
    We're using this wallpaper as a reminder of yesterday.

    Saturday, March 05, 2011

    Winter In West

    A Winter Wallpaper
    (1600 x 1192)
    click on image for large size

    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    Year 'Rounders

    Hang Out & Visit
    fish some too

    .. Some of our feather merchants have an open door policy for the winter. Bless 'em all. There's always a warm spot with familiar smells, visions, and good conversation. Occasionally they even fish.
    .. Some fish here. Some fish elsewhere. Some do both. We are blessed with instant access to materials, equipment, advice, and hospitality on a year 'round basis. Not bad for a town deep in snow for 5 months of the year and with a resident population of less than 1,000.
    .. Of course we're also blessed with more pubs than churches, and they have longer hours and a greater following as well.
    .. Should you happen to pass this way when the sun is low and the temperatures lower, stop in and visit with the neighbors. They could use a break too.
    .. Parks' Fly Shop has completely redesigned their website. It's completely reorganized with new material and navigation. They promise to use the blog more now than in the past. To update your links click HERE.
    .. Blue Ribbon Flies has added a blog to their completely redesigned site  To investigate this site you should start HERE.
    .. Jeff Kennedy at Drawing Flies 365 and Jason Borger at Fish Flies & Water are well into the latest project of drawing a fish each Thursday. A prodigious amount of talent is displayed at these two sites.
    .. Chi Wulff has been re-resurrected again and is closely following the debacle that is HB 309. Check their recent post HERE.
    .. National Parks Traveler has a new format. The escalating amount of information and it's high quality demand at least a once-per-week scan. The contributor list is growing and the topics are diverse and authoritative. Check it out HERE.