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  • Thursday, October 05, 2006



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    Madison River Report

    .. The time is now! Get your foul weather attitude in gear and come visit the bugs and bunnies on the Madison River. Big Fish - Little Flies, just about heaven. If you refuse to tie a little one on in this drippy weather, try a bunny, or a leech, or a spruce, or some rubber legs. Everything goes on the river - now and maybe for a day or two more.
    .. Most of the west side of Yellowstone National Park has been soaked with a gentle - but persistent - rain for three days. Notice the lack of posts? The fishing has been beautiful, and persistent.

    .. The neighbors have called in sick, the bosses don't recognize their employees, the cooks have abandoned their grills, the barkeeps have retreated to the river, and the town of West Yellowstone remembers that there can be some pretty good fishing in the fall.
    .. We apologise in advance for the brevity of this post. The flies to use can be found HERE - & - HERE. There are really no "best" places, although there are favorite places. Start with the willow meadows just outside Yellowstone Park and a bit downstream, (west of the road,) from the Baker's Hole campground. Then, of course, Baker's Hole, and the Barns Holes, and the Local Hole, and the Family Hole. Then, too, the long riffled stretch at the east end of Riverside Drive - all the way to Grasshopper Bank, and of course the two "big rock holes" at the 7-mile bridge picnic area. (Don't know these places? Visit a fly shop and ask - if they're not closed for fishing.)
    .. In addition to the fly shops, just about any waitress can direct you to the favorite places on the last seven miles of the Madison in the park.
    .. Above 7-mile bridge check out the big under-cut banks along the stretch on either side of the talus slope pull out. The big hole at the 'accessible' pier, and of course 9-mile hole, (look for the glacial erratic in the flood plane.)
    .. The biggest fish we've heard of has come from the bend of the Madison River in National Park Meadow, right after the Gibbon - Firehole confluence, - YEE HA!

    .. We're not fishing any of these places though. We're going to the most picturesque place to find a big fish. If you're interested; check this link - Superior photography is also found on this site! Check out the river flow data to see the effects of the rain and why we're going here.
    .. It's time for breakfast so we're going to have some pancakes and sausage on a stick, or maybe not, (via Breakfast Blogger.)
    .. Posts may be infrequent for the next few days. For exceptional and current reports check with Madison River Outfitters, Blue Ribbon Flies, and hurry to Bud Lilly's before they all hit the river.