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  • Sunday, October 08, 2006

    The Yellowstone Fishing Forecast

    Fishing Spectacular
    bring a brolly

    .. There is just not to much to say. Over the last three days the fishing has ranged from good to spectacular in all the usual places. If you want big'uns try the Madison River. If your want residents try the Firehole River. If you want giants go to the South Fork of The Madison River.
    .. For constant action try Indian Creek, Obsidian Creek, Soda Butte Creek, and a brief walk to Cache Creek.
    .. Lakes? Trout Lake, Grebe Lake, Joffee Lake. We can do no more.
    .. The upcoming week's weather will be '2-on, 2-off'' so it's going to be a bit dicey on Wednesday & Thursday. The map to the left is for Sunday/Monday - yes it's showing snow.
    .. The "Fishing Brolly" at the top is courtesy of Cheshire Fishing. It comes complete with stakes and is guaranteed to improve your casting and reduce tailing loops - or else! It's currently on sale. They have several models to choose from - bless the Brits!
    .. The Baetis have been very predictable and small. Pick a day with a few holes in the afternoon clouds and you should do well with sizes 16 -20, (or smaller if you can tie one on with cold wet fingers.)
    .. The Caddis have been unreliable, but there are a few - look for them in the evening of a long bright dry day.
    .. The spawners, (particularly the Brown Trout,) have been unusually cooperative in the mornings, and right through lunch time - rain or shine. Just find good holding water. We found good holding water at the base of Gibbon Falls and took a couple of nice fish on a size 4 rubber legs. Fish on!
    .. The web has provided us with some thoughts about sunny, warmer climes. We're considering some Sea Trout with Captain Gina Bradley down in Cocoa Beach, Florida.
    .. She works out of Lagooner Fising Guides and seeems to have what it takes. We've danced with the trout off of the "T-Heads" in Corpus Christy, but never met any that did a Mambo in shallow sandy water - looks like fun.
    .. On the other hand, depending on the weather we had also thought of going to Key West, Florida and hook up with Captain Justin Rae at Sting Rea Charters. He seems able to gather up some beautiful Bonefish - along with clients to match.
    .. Whatever the case, it's becoming obvious, (even to us,) that the end of Yellowstone National Park fishing may preceed the closing of the park. This is not an unusual situation.
    .. Some of the neighbors have a few cold weather tricks that may help if you decide to persist to the very end. A small can of WD-40, or Armor-All in the vest will help keep the ice from nailing your guides shut. Neoprene 1/2 gloves will help with the frozen fingers. Silk underwear is still better than the new synthetics - cheaper too, now that the Chinese are our new friends.
    .. Boot-foot waders with felt liners, and three pair of socks, are far warmer than any stocking-foot wader ever can be. An alpine stove is only 11 oz. and will warm your hands in a hurry. A net made of rubber or neoprene mesh will not ice up and clog. You get the idea.
    .. One place we're not going is Barrow or Prudhoe Bay. The fishing is great, the women are warm, but we're not in the mood for Artic Char at the moment.