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  • Saturday, September 23, 2006

    Rubber Legs = Fishing Fun

    the weather
    the flies
    the rivers
    other stuff

    a preview of coming attractions: Rain, Sleet, Snow, Wind, Hail, Big Fish.
    .. Bring your bes
    t foul weather gear; the fishing is getting good. We've experienced our annual foretaste of things to come - it's wonderful.
    .. The skies get lo
    w, the clouds engulf the hills, the wind quickens and precipitation explores the many ways to present itself. We even had a few hours of sun shine - and fewer of dead calm.
    .. The cold water and the cool temperatures have awakened the fish in the lake and the residents alike. It looks like Fall fishing is going to be as good as the Spring fishing.


    .. The fish in the Madison River, Firehole River, Gallatin River, and Nez Perce Creek have expanded their preferences. In addition to Dark Spruce Flies and Soft Hackle Flies they are also taking Rubber Legs and Yellowstone Sally flies. We've taken decent fish on all the above flies as well as Montana Dusters. No, they aren't eating everything yet - that'll be next week. For now we're sticking with these favorites and a bit heavier rod/line combination.
    .. Some of the sports arriving on the Madison River are using Spey Rods. Others are gunning with 9 - 10 weight one-handers. We use an 8 weight with a #9 level line. This allows precision roll casts, carries big flies, and cuts the wind nicely. In these conditions it's prudent to fish a little closer than you think necessary.

    .. Nez Perce Creek and the Firehole River have awakened to the cooler weather. There are some prolific hatches of small Mayflies, (Rusty Spinners? - 20's or so,) and Baetis in about size 16 - 18. When the evening is dry there is still a good Caddis hatch. Use soft hackles here for now - the big fish are still a bit spooky.
    .. The Madison River and the Gibbon River below the falls have large fish in all their typical parking places. These fish are aggressive but not suicidal, (yet.) They are moving from holding water and still taking a range of flies in a range of sizes. Soft hackle and rubber legs seem to be the most successful. A few very large fish have been taken at the Barns Holes on stonefly imitations. The holding water just before Grasshopper Bank and in the water by the parking area is full of good fish.
    .. The Gallatin River is just a bit slow in responding to the weather change - but the fishing is still good in the deep pools and in those areas where the riffles dump into undercut banks and long glides.
    .. Use Montana Dusters and Prince Nymphs, (12 - 16.) Some Baetis are showing up in the area around the "animal detection" section.
    Look for the solar powered gizmo's on the side of the road - if your windshield isn't already plastered with the bugs. We're going up there again tomorrow for a gentle day on this less popular river. It deserves better, but we're not whining.
    .. The Falls River, Boundry Creek, and the Bechler River are providing excellent dances. The Caddis have remained constant, Baetis are appearing, and terrestrials are still active. Even without a horse the fishing is better than expected, (& expectations are always high this time of year.)
    .. Visit the Lamar River bet
    ween, or just at the beginning of rain storms. This river provides excellent opportunities at this time of the year. The Lamar River fish are taking Rubber Legs, Prince Nymphs, and floating Hare's Ears. The canyon sections are holding the big fish right now. These opportunities will move upstream rapidly as the silt clouds move through the holding water. Don't be shy about walking across the bridge in the confluence meadow. The first two big pools are very crowded parking areas for the fish on their way upstream.
    ..Slough Creek is full of beetles and ants - the fish are less shy right now. You still need to sneak a bit; and the road section by the the glacial erratics is producing the first of the giants. It's a long walk across the sagebrush flats but it's worth it.
    .. Soda Butte will see a very rapid migration during the next two weeks as the fish dash up to the shallow spawning beds above Ice Box Canyon. If you are young and tough you should give the pools above the canyon a try - "The Deeper - The Bigger." Use a two-toned
    Casual Dress, (black over buff,) or a Montana Duster - try pink.

    .. Protect Your Waters advises us of the new uses for the acrobatic silver carp. From prison food to zoo food.
    .. In the "let no good deed go unpunished department," Protect Your Waters also relays a warning from the University of Arkansas about the possibility of bio-fuel crops becoming invasive species in their own right, STORY HERE. The quote to remember is: "One proposed biofuel crop, Miscanthus, can grow up to eight feet in six weeks." Wiedenmann describes it as "Johnson grass on steroids."

    .. Scientific American lets us know that there is an abundance of new fish species still being discovered. They cite the the so-called "Bird's Head Seascape" off the western coast of the island of New Guinea. This area revealed, upon recent survey, that it contained as many as 52 new species of fish, shrimp and coral. LINK. They also let us know how the giant mix-master, driven by krill, stirs the ocean. LINK.
    .. The San Joaquin River in California is one step closer to having Salmon run up it again. A note from the Scripps Howard News Service details the plans to bring the fish back in the near future and provide fishing opportunities as early as 2014 - 2015. The estimated price $200 million - $800 million. LINK.
    .. West Yellowstone, Montana is one of the worst places in the world to find a job. The BLOGGER Newsalert Page let us know this. The page is so full of news links it will choke your newsgator. LINK.