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  • Tuesday, August 29, 2006


    short post
    Bechler Hot In The Cold
    Prepare For Fall - Now!

    .. The last few nights have confirmed our suspicions - FALL IS UPON US. The gloss is off the Aspen leaves, pine cones litter the ground, the sky is a darker shade of blue and frost would be on the pumpkin - if you could grow pumpkins up here.
    .. Another sure sign that we watch for is the disappearance of the Banzai skateboard kids. They are headed back to school.
    .. The weather forecast confirms a string of overcast days are heading this way. It also suggests that we should have perfect weather for the last fling of Summer - Labor Day.
    .. Apropos of a bit of chill in the air, Flyfishmagazine directs us to some fine underwear that they stumbled into at the FFR Show. The page opens in Swedish, but there is a box that lets you select the language you'd like to use to view the page, (including Icelandic.)

    .. Protect Your Waters lets us know that the arrival of the Bighead Carp is causing quite a stir in the upper Midwest. They also comment about the new rash of lawsuits over both water and air.

    .. The outfitter/packer neighbors are very busy, of late. One group just returned from the Bechler River with glowing reports. Rainbow Trout to 18" are in the first meadow right where the footpath joins the river. There appear to be a few hoppers that get through the cold nights and the fish are targeting them as soon as the sun dries the grass; about 10:30 AM. Use a modified Hopper-Dropper rig - size 8 hopper and size 12 caddis. Try to keep both of the flies on the top and hang on tight.
    .. The other pack string is due in tonight from the third meadow of Slough Creek. We'll chase them down and bring you a report tomorrow.

    .. The mature fish are beginning to pod-up in Hebgen Lake. This pre-spawn behavior can mean very good fishing if you find the fish. Rainbow Point, Happy Hour Cove, Marina Bay, and the South Fork Estuary are all good bets. The shore fisher, (without worms,) would do best to fish the stick-ups just north of Spring Creek. The tube trollers should probably concentrate on the deep water of the Madison Arm and the inlet across the lake from the rope tree. This is the time of year when you need to be prepared for both surface fishing and streamer fishing. Keep your Calibaetis and Trico boxes handy as you search the waters with a Dark Spruce Fly, Dark Olive Woolly Bugger, or Yellowstone Spruce Fly.
    .. Because of the diverse spawning habits of the Cutts in Yellowstone Lake some fish are moving into the Lake, others are moving out of it. If you are lucky enough to have a canoe in the SE Arm, now is the time for 20" fish on dry flies. We have a secondary report of good fish taken on yellow woolly worms in this area.

    .. As the rivers cool the fishing should heat up apace. This will be spotty for a week or two but the morning fishing should last until noon or so. The bugs will take advantage of the conditions that suit them so it's best to be prepared with a few different plans of attack.
    .. We don't want to start any wild rumors, BUT, the Firehole River is just a week or so away from being productive. Check yesterday's report. We're getting our fall Firehole boxes in order.
    .. Nez Perce Creek, and the Firehole River at their confluence have an early morning, (9:30 - 10:00 AM,) midge hatch. The Baetis of the last few days seem to be thin but regular. Fish spinners or midge clusters in the foam lines.
    .. The Lamar River is a sure bet for good fishing right now. The bedrock of the canyon sections hold both the heat of the day and the cool of the night. Most of these fish are in the 10" - 16" range and are very opportunistic. All hoppers that find themselves in the canyon funnel down to the river. The same for beetles. Use smallish flies for the terrestrials, (size 12 or 14 hoppers and down to 16 with the beetles and ants.) Be careful of the slick rocks and try to fish where the sun and shade meet the water.
    .. The confluence meadows where Soda Butte Creek and the Lamar River join has some side channels that can be productive in late morning. Again, watch for the sun creeping into deep holes. This is a good time to drown a hopper or a black Woolly Worm, (sizes 10 - 14.)
    .. The Gallatin River has seen some nice fish moving up toward the confluence with Fan Creek. These braided meadows require stealth tactics because of the thin water. Use your best sneaky waddle and a yellow Humpy, (size 12.)
    .. The Madison River below 7-Mile Bridge is still producing good fish when tbreaks in the afternoon clouds encourage the caddis. Your favorite soft hackle or caddis nymph should produce fish all day if you are willing to walk a bit and fish the holding water, (sizes on the smallish size may be the ticket; 12 - 14 or even 16.)