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  • Friday, August 25, 2006


    An Old Tradition
    Comments Day
    River Report

    .. The story goes this way:
    "Hamilton Stores, (a previous Yellowstone Park Concessionaire,) was in need of boosting their retail sales. They decided on the slogan 'Christmas comes but twice a year - once down there and once up here.' This would add spice to the dwindling sales in the terminal stages of the Summer Sales Season. It Did."
    .. Now the town of West Yellowstone uses the day to discount all the merchandise that didn't sell and calls it "Crazy Days." Good Junk for cheap. Even the "T-shirt" selections at the fly shops are reduced in price. Mark your calendar for next year.

    .. In keeping with this tradition we present the Christmas in Yellowstone page. Comments are open for information requests for our fall fishing tips. They will be closed in 24 hours. We ask that you keep them short and concise.
    .. Excellent Yellowstone Christmas wallpaper for your computer can be found at Mathilda's Wallpaper. Good photos of Christmas in Yellowstone can be found at Christmas in Yellowstone - 2004.
    .. Today is the 90th anniversary of the "Organic Act" that established the National Park Service, and the haze from the fires in and around the park makes the eyes water for a different reason entirely. The opening of the Canyon Village visitor center is a fitting celebration for both the retailing tradition and the birthday celebration.

    .. Thomas Moran sent this Christmas Card from Yellowstone to the folks back home in 1883 - bless his heart.

    <- nps photo

    .. As an aside: today is the birthday of Allen Pinkerton - need a detective to find fish in the warm waters of the Firehole? Just wait a week, the temperatures are still dropping.

    .. The Firehole River along the Lone Star Geyser Trail is low, cold, and full of eager Brook Trout. Find the deep undercut banks and drift a Hornberg, (size 10 -12.)
    .. The meadows of the lower river valleys are beginning to turn color, (those that aren't on fire,) and the Hoppers will last for another two or three weeks at most - weather dependent. Get to Slough Creek, the Lamar River, and Soda Butte Creek for some of the best terrestrial fishing of the season.
    .. The Bechler River is producing some large fish on beetles and ants, (sizes 12 - 16.) Walk a bit further than you did last time and the eager Cutts will reward you. The Rainbows and Cuttbows of the lower meadow sections are becoming a bit fussy: use some foam beetles and dark Caddis to improve your chances.
    .. The Gibbon River between Black Butte and mile post #20 is experiencing a late afternoon Caddis hatch, (size 12 -16.) There are also some ants still falling from the sky. It's surprising to watch your perfectly presented Caddis drowned by the wake of 14" Rainbow on it's way to the only ant on the river. Although the river is in fine shape, the fish have become wary of moving shadows and heavy footfalls. Uncharacteristic as it seems; now is the time to "Sneak The Gallatin."
    .. Hebgen Lake is still in the grip of gulper mania. It's kind'a like the whole neighborhood moves to the glassy waters for an early breakfast. If the flying ants appear - forget the Callibaetis!

    Hebgen lake without gulpers.