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  • Saturday, August 26, 2006


    the insidious
    enemy is us!
    river reports too.
    nps photo



    .. We've mentioned this before: it bears repeating. The Protect Your Waters campaign is an example of the best work that our Federal Government can do for us.
    .. As inevitable as the growth of glaciers during the Pinedale, and just as sure as their disappearance today; the Protect Your Waters Campaign is driven by the similar relentless forces of just a few dedicated public servants.
    .. This "Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers" program is a part of the ANS TASK FORCE, and is Sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service & the U.S. Coast Guard. It has grown to include: individuals, blogs, web sites, advertising agencies, fly shops, manufacturers, various organizations, and even other branches of our government.
    .. We joined the campaign a couple of months ago. We added a banner-link at the top of the page & started adding simple notes in our posts - didn't even hurt.
    .. Site statistics indicate that between 5% and 10% of our out-clicks are going to references in the Stop Hitchhikers paragraphs. Some folks are looking - and that is good.
    .. This effort is a public awareness campaign that is working. As shown on the map below; the Greater Yellowstone Region has a high density of cooperating partners in this campaign.
    .. The map idicates that Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Bozeman, Montana are the region's leaders in this concerted effort to make fishers aware of the problem and how to address it.
    .. The "CONSERVING GREATER YELLOWSTONE AREA TOGETHER" workshop is being hosted in Jackson Hole, (the fishing is better there than in Bozeman,) on September 28, 2006. The folks sponsoring and attending this workshop demonstrate the economic & environmental concerns of the region. This is a planning workshop to explore ways to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. The workshop is free & YOU ARE INVITED!
    .. The optimists of this world will approach this campaign with the attitude that something can be done to prevent invasive species from destroying the great fisheries of America. The pessimists will scoff at the idea and do nothing. The grouchy and grumpy will remind you of the problems so that when the worst happens they can say "I TOLD YOU SO!"
    .. This just might be the kind of thing that would be worth attending - if you are an optimist - Aren't all fly fishers?

    .. If you are in the southern part of Yellowstone National Park, take the time to visit Jackson Hole. Before you go be sure to check out the Jack Dennis web site & the High Country Flies web site. High Country has an excellent introduction to the region on their site, (LINK.) Both sites have mostly current river conditions and reports that are precise, accurate, and truthful. (Jack Dennis Report -- High Country Report.) Looks like things around Jackson are about the same as here. If you want fish you best work for them.
    .. Those of you with "KILLER FLIES" should be aware of the Jackson Hole One Fly Event. It's being held this year September 7 - 10, and generates funds for river conservation and other projects. Home Page - About - RULES - Team Selection.
    .. Yellowstone River: very low and warmer than normal flows will make your fishing tough. Fish in the morning or the evening - we suggest that you leave the fish alone for about 2 -3 weeks.
    .. Fan Creek is worth the walk. Go early and sing loudly, the berries and the bears are making their appearance. Surprisingly large Cutts, (to 14" are in the first meadow, and the meanders at the flat above it.) These fish are eating midges in the early morning, (to size 20,) beetles, Hornbergs, and crickets in mid day, (size 12 - 16,) and an early spinner fall is providing desert about 6:30PM - these little devils are some sort of Baetis (?) about size 18 - 20. If you bump into the hatch so much the better. If you see fish that are "eating nothing" it's probably these little bugs.
    .. The Lamar River is in surprisingly good shape. The mountain thundershowers have been too few for the firefighters but just right for the fisher folks. The narrows between Buffalo Ranch and Slough Creek has some big rock outcrops that hold the overnight coolness and some nice fish. The hoppers that are here all end up in the river and the fish are pigging out. Fish where the shade and the sun and the quiet water come together. Hoppers, (10 -14,) beetles, (8 - 12,) and if you live right ants, (12 -14,) will reward you efforts in this broken section.
    .. SLOUGH CREEK - SLOUGH CREEK - SLOUGH CREEK -- get there now, sneak your best sneak and fish hard. Wary as they are the big Cutthroat are beginning their fall feeding. Terrestrials are still the ticket; but - the late appearance of Caddisflies, (Lepidostoma? - the only one we think we know because of their raggedy wings and pretty pea green bodies,) are blooming! Sizes 14 - 18 will do. And, as if that wasn't enough, there are also some little yellow stoneflies making an appearance in second and third meadow.