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  • Wednesday, August 30, 2006


    nice fish
    river reports
    Idaho Attacks
    California On Alert

    .. The nights are cold, the days are warm, and Hebgen Lake is offering up some fine fish to those folks willing to get up early and hit the water. It seems that this year's gulper action has been a bit more persistent than usual. And, although the giant "wolf packs" of years past were not observed with any regularity; some did materialize.
    .. Gulper action should be rewarding as long as the sun and warmish days continue. Keep your Trico, Calibaetis, and Streamer boxes handy, (a few pinkish/yellow Scuds wouldn't hurt either.)
    .. The fishing light starts about 7:30 AM, and lasts until the wind comes up. This is the best time for the bugs. When the wind arrives, switch to streamers and think like a fish.
    .. Not to be outdone by the giants of the "click-o-sphere" we submit our entry into the "Battle Of The Bikinis." Last year Helen, from Slovakia, visited the neighbors and took some nice fish while gulper fishing from a drift boat.
    .. Please note that unlike the photo from the originators of this shameless search for clicks, Get Outdoors, these are fishing pictures. And, unlike the Upper Sac Offering, you don't need to squint to obscure the spinning rig. And while we really enjoyed the offering from Moldy Chum - where's the fish?

    .. Cornered in a dark and dank watering hole in West Yellowstone, the neighbor outfitter/packers finally gave up a report of fishing in the southwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park. This did not come cheap.
    .. The Bechler River is approaching Fall with an abundance of good fish. The fishing pressure has been light so far, (mosquitoes and fanged flies are the protectors of this great fishery.) The cool mornings mean that intrepid fisher folk should look for spinners, (size 16 - 20,) or use nymphs in the meadow as the sun peeks through the brownish grass. There have been some good Baetis on the overcast mornings about 11:00 AM, (size 14 - 18.) Happily the sun has been cooperative in this corner of the park and the evening caddis continue with regular, (occasionally sparse,) hatches. There are still hoppers and it's too early to abandon your Hopper-Dropper rig, (size 12 hoppers and a floating Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear in size 14 or 16.) If you get stuck, a well drifted greenish Soft Hackle should pull fish from the shade of undercut banks, (when the sun is on the water.)
    .. The Gibbon River Meadows are seeing the sulking fish waking up a bit. There are just a few Hoppers left and they are on the small side here too. This is one place that you need a very brisk wind before you use the splat 'em down techniques. Treat the hopper just as you would a well drifted dry. Take the dropper off in mid day - these fish are every bit as selective as the ones in Slough Creek.
    .. Speaking of which, Slough Creek is in the midst of exceptional seasonal fishing. This doesn't mean it's easy. There are some morning hatches and spinners galore. Technical fishers should do very well until the mid-day zephyrs arrive. Pick your fish and go one on one. A drift every couple of minutes is not too slow. Change flies often and you will usually win a dance with these very selective Cutts. Remember, Yellowstone Fishing Regulations ask you to harvest Rainbow Trout if you catch them - not more than your limit, though. When the wind comes up, the fish become a bit less cautious if there are hoppers or other terrestrials around. Again, blind casting is not the way to go. Lay down in the weeds and watch a single fish for a few minutes. If you are quiet about it, the view is pretty good. A 15 -20 foot cast from your knees should be all you need.
    .. The Barns Holes on the Madison River have been producing some giant Mountain Whitefish. These natives should be played quickly and released gently & rapidly. They are taking large nymphs, (size 8 - 12,) and seem to be showing a preference for Bead Head Prince sorts. The afternoon caddis along the first seven miles of the river seem to be disappearing at a pretty good clip - a sure sign of approaching Fall. Wait a week or so and then take your morning coffee to the river and stake out a good place. It's about to be Streamer-Time.

    .. Protect Your Waters tells us of an article about the role of reproduction in the spread of invasive species. They cite an interesting article in the American Journal Of Botany that asks the question: "Are invasive plants an inevitable consequence of evolution?"(subscription.)
    .. The California Department of Fish And Game has opened comments on it's Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan. / Protect Your Waters Notice / The Outdoor Wire News Release.
    .. Idaho is on the attack against Golden Shiners. These invasive species could threaten the Trout, Kokanee, and Steelhead populations of the Snake River & Clearwater River. Poisen is the plan of action for Deer Creek Reservoir. Protect Your Waters alert / Idaho Statesman News Story / Public News Room Story.