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  • Thursday, August 24, 2006


    TO DO & NOT TO DO.

    I'm Watching You!

    .. The crowds are gathering: The CNN vans, The FOX vans, & of course the black suburbans. The combat gear is being paraded about like a new fashion statement, and downtown West Yellowstone is experiencing more traffic snarls than usual.
    .. As hour zero approaches, the entertainment proceeds apace. The summer people have abandoned their mansions on the lakes, the array of license plates is mind boggling, the sidewalks are disaster areas, and the line at the Dairy Queen stretches around the corner.
    .. Tomorrow a big plane will touch down, a swift motorcade will dash through town without even touching the break pedal, and the whole circus will end up in Canyon Village.
    .. The brief official ceremony will take place, then a dash back to the airport and off to do more of the public's business. We're glad we pay the taxes that we do.

    .. Most of our neighbors whose job is to carry guns are fine folks. But we must remember that they do have special jobs to do in these times. There are some things to remember when all this hoopla is going on:
    1) - Don't: carry your four-piece rod in a violin case,
    2) - Don't: stare at the blackened windows,
    3) - Don't: use finger signals when talking to your fishing buddy,
    4) - Do: smile when you wave,
    5) - Do: fish away from the road,
    6) - Do: park your car in a legal manner.
    .. The logistics of this visit are complex because Secretary Kempthorne is arriving from Wyoming, and Director Mainella is arriving from parts unknown. The roads from West Yellowstone, MT to Canyon Village will be crowded. The roads from Cody WY to Canyon Village will be crowded. The roads from Mammoth to Canyon Village will be crowded. The official ceremonies will be between 10:00 and 10:45 AM.

    .. There will be several good fishing opportunities tomorrow that will not be impacted by the political doings at Canyon Village in Yellowstone National Park.
    .. The Gallatin River, Fan Creek, Bacon Rind Creek, & Duck Creek are all in seasonal form and away from the hubbub of the official doings. The early morning spinners are available at all locations. Use sizes 14 - 18 and walk softly. Duck Creek would be the best bet for an all day experience. The fish are willing, and will take terrestrials all day. Use small ants, beetles, and attractors, (sizes not to exceed 10.)
    .. Barns Holes #2 & #3 on the Madison River would be our second choice. Go into the park after the motorcade. Rig up about the time that the ceremonies are starting, and fish the deep holding water with a dark spruce fly. There are a few bigger fish now in the river. Watch the pillows and pockets around the submerged rocks and fish the shady side. If you see rising fish; start with an ant, (size 14 - 16,) and then other terrestrials. If you are blessed with a hatch; your dance partners will be very selective.
    .. Follow the motorcade to the canyon road at Norris. Fish the thin water of the Gibbon River in the campground meadow. Walk across the road and follow the path into the big meadows. Have both attractors, (Humpy, Yellowstone Morning Glory, and Adams: 12 -18,) and some terrestrials, (ants, hoppers, foam beetles: 12 - 16.)
    .. Get up early and dash to Slough Creek. Fish the road section and the first wide spot on the road to the campground. Our packer/outfitter neighbors are going to do this. They will be well on their way to the third meadow by the time the festivities at Canyon Village are starting. The grass is beginning to yellow and the hoppers are in full flight - so are the fish. The big Cutthroats are behaving like wary chalk stream Brown Trout. This is still excellent fishing but it's only as good as the fishers. Small spinners early, (sizes 14 - 20,) and perfectly drifted terrestrials during mid day. There is a caddis hatch at about 6:30 or 7:00 PM. Watch carefully and sneak up on the fish.
    .. AVOID: MADISON RIVER above 7-Mile Bridge, GALLATIN RIVER below Norris, GARDINER RIVER until 2:00 PM, OBSIDIAN CREEK by the road.

    .. Protect Your Waters lets us know that escaping Atlantic Salmon have made their way from the insecure fish farms to Alaska. They also note the appearance of Dungeness Crabs in the NE, and wonder "What does this mean?"
    .. A bit of good news comes from Northwest Montana. The USFS, Trout Unlimited, and other volunteers are trying to restore a section of Eustache Creek - The Billings Gazette Report.
    We're listening to you!