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  • Tuesday, August 08, 2006


    third meadow report
    Yellowstone Lake Is Tough
    Go Hunting On The Yellowstone
    CATCH 'EM!

    .. The neighbor/packer/guides got back late last night. They had just returned from taking a group of fisher folk to the Third Meadow of Slough Creek.
    .. Their sports asked to leave early in the day, and our neighbors took advantage of the trip to get in some fishing time. These guys & gals are young, tough, dedicated, and exceptional outdoors people: pretty good fishers too.
    .. Not to lay it on too heavy - but - Yellowstone Mountain Guides is a year 'round outfit with over 20 years experience. They do sleep with a saddle for a pillow. They do fish from horseback. They do have a year-long waiting list. Their web site is listed in the side bar. Just tell Terry what you want, (summer- fall - winter - spring,) & he will "make it so!"
    .. Third Meadow is fishing well to PMD's, (size 16 - 18,) and any terrestrial: Hoppers in size 12 - 14, beetles in size 10 - 12, ants in size 14 - 16, and drowned caddis in size 14. The hands took advantage of the timing to exit the park and fish above the meadow as well.
    .. Slough Creek, north of the park boundary, in the trees, is an experience few folks will have the joy to explore. The pressure is light, the fish big and eager, and the scenery spectacular. There was just enough time to get this report before they went to the fountain of suds. For you body counters: Cutts to 20" were plentiful. We remember them being a bit smaller, but that was a few years ago - fish grow up too.

    .. Page 6, General Regulations; Yellowstone National Park: "Open daily from 5 AM to 10 PM. Fishing with an artificial light is prohibited."
    .. Last night just as we were getting ready to leave the Madison River at 8:30 PM, the clouds broke and a strange sight appeared. The moon was making a fuzzy appearance. We waited.
    .. The fishing had been good to small Caddis and Spruce Moths. The combination of the two provided steady action from about 5:30 PM. The clouds had kept the light low and the fish working.
    .. The Madison River has been a consistent producer with it's seasonal hatches. Any of the fly shops listed will provide you with an adequate report - usually posted weekly.
    .. But when the moon appears, and you can see the wat
    er there is an extra hour of exceptional fishing. We were at the Mt. Haynes pull-out and there were some trees. We practiced some "Sound Fishing."
    .. We could just barely see the mini-eruptions as
    the smooth run came alive. The old eyes strained in the tree filtered moonlight, but the ears let us come close enough to take fish. The Hopper - Dropper was perfect: size 10 Big Wing Sparkle Caddis, with a size 14 Prince Nymph. The night was still and we enjoyed it greatly. This condition should last another three days. And - again - next month. Hope there's no clouds tonight.
    .. Gallat
    in River: Spruce Moths and Hoppers are plentiful around mile post 21 - 23. Use a Hopper - Hopper combination, (size 10 & 14,) starting about 6:00 PM. This should be fantastic in the moonlight. Ants, beetles, and caddis are also present. During the late morning and through the mid-day heat PMD's and Yellowstone Sally flies should keep things interesting for both the fish and fisher folks.
    .. Yellowstone River: This is the time for strolling and hunting. Find the fish - watch the fish - cast to the fish - cuss the wind. There is a smorgasbord of food in the river: PMD's, Moths, BWO's, and Pink Ladies on the top - suitable nymphs below. Pick the fish and pick the fly. This is technical fishing at it's best. The rewards are well worth the effort - reports of 22" - 24" Cutts near LeHardy Rapids, and on the east side of the river above Chittendon Bridge. You don't need to wade for these fish. Watch the little seams near the bank and take aim.

    .. Hebgen Lake is still doing well. You can tell by the lack of parking spots and the flotilla of tubes and boats clustered in the shallows. There are plenty of fish and they are still gulping away. See Sunday's post for details.

    Yellowstone Lake: See Sunday's post.

    .. August 08, 2006 -- Scientists identified yesterday a mysterious crab found more than a year ago in Baltimore's Patapsco River as a Chinese mitten crab, suggesting that the exotic species from Asia could be breeding.
    .. August 07, 2006 -- In May, scores of dead fish started washin
    g up along the eastern shoreline of Lake Ontario. The fish had fallen victim to an unknown disease. At first, residents and fishermen were not alarmed, since the victims were round gobies, a nuisance fish that consumes the eggs of more desirable catches. Now other game fish are affected. Read the whole story.

    .. MidCurrent tells us of the tragedy of the Bighorn Trout Shop burning to the ground and killing some lodgers.
    .. Mouldy Chum directs us to the note about the "Invasion Of The Habitat Snatchers." Beware of flying carp!
    .. Check the Madera Tribune note about the push to restore the Hetch Hetchy Valley. What would the fishing be like if it happens?