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  • Thursday, April 16, 2009

    News Briefs & Snow, etc.

    HB 190 Waiting - HB 223 Signed
    "gunny" makes deposit
    record muskie disallowed
    a bit of snow
    Fishing in the bits of open water on Quake Lake has been spectacular in more ways than one: but first the news!
    .. HB 223 has been signed by the Governor. It provides for fines and penalties in cases where persons have vandalized state fishing accesses and other properties.
    .. Between 2006 and 2008 over $36,000 in damage was done to these sites. The bill would allow judges to suspend hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for up to two years. Ravalli Republic.
    .. Read the bill HERE.
    .. HB 190 is languishing away on the Governor's desk. We'd hoped to have reported a signature by this time. Hopefully it will be signed soon and access to streams from public rights of way can get started without further hassle. Follow the bill HERE.
    .. R. Lee Ermey, "The Gunny" was in Missoula shooting a spot last week. While driving with crew member Harlan Glenn to a Fort Missoula museum he spotted something black lying on the blacktop. Now what could it be?
    .. He stopped and retrieved a bulging bank bag. Inside was a deposit headed to the Wells Fargo Bank. Of course he did the right thing. How much was in the bag? Read it HERE.
    .. "Now drop and give me 25."
    .. A 32+ pound tiger muskie would be a new Montana State Record if it could be allowed into the record books. After landing the fish it was shot. Is this legal? - Yes if it's on the land - but not in the water. Then why was the catch of this giant hybrid not allowed? It's a story of too little - too late. Read it HERE.
    .. We've had a bit of snow, and more falling now. Soft, gentle, wet, and glorious snow. It covers the imperfections of our town with a blanket of beauty. It attracts visitors to the trails and slopes.
    .. Late season skiers revel in it's beauty. Lowlanders wonder at our sanity and survival skills. Fisher folks praise its life-giving powers. Newcomers whine about the delay of Spring. Well, Betty, this is Spring and it's wonderful.
    .. Temperatures hover around 30F and the bitter winds of winter are only memories. The easily seen trails to the bits of open water are once again obscured from the prying eyes of the casual fisher. But, Beatrice, the neighbors know.
    .. Should you really want to enjoy some solitary and unsullied fishing there are a couple of places that provide it.
    .. For the young of lung and stout of leg rewards can be found in the placid waters of Quake Lake where Beaver Creek debauches into the edge of the frozen body of water.
    .. Two access routes are possible. The long way and the hard way. The long way takes the boat ramp to the lake and then walks the shore to the open water. The hard way follows the deer down Beaver Creek to the honey hole.
    .. Of course the worms guys have beat you to the spot. But they won't mind if you join them. They know that there are fish aplenty and that they too, are reveling in the bits of open water.
    .. This particular spot provides the easiest catching you will ever encounter. A myriad of factors enter into the equation.
    The first open water in 5 months + bits of eatables from upstream + goodies melting out of the ice + secure hiding under the ice + highly oxygenated water + water temperatures conducive to feeding + hunger = easily caught fish.
    .. It is nearly sinful. There are fish of all sizes and competition is fierce, even laughable. Fisher folks chortle and guffaw as several fish charge the flies and create mini-tsunamis at the surface. The neighbors call it a feeding frenzy. It's an easy expression. It does not do justice to the mayhem that occurs. We'd best not say too much more.
    .. Grab any fly that looks like it could be trout food. Plunk it on the ice and wait for the ripples from your cast to dissipate. Pull your offering into the water and let it sink. Hold on and enjoy.