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  • Friday, April 24, 2009

    Far And Fine

    As Far As You Can Get
    in the lower 48
    the stuff of stories
    .. Plan now! There is a place in Yellowstone National Park where you can catch fish farther from any road - anywhere in the lower 48.
    .. You can get there on foot; it's best done with gentle horses and friendly mules. It takes some planning and some determination, but it's worth the time and money.
    .. Wild, "un-pounded" fish, native to the stream and molested only very infrequently, are yours for the taking, (and putting back,) in the Thorofare.
    .. This is no plush 'fly-in' experience so favored by the Alaskan tourist bureaus. No boats with guides and tall tales is this. This is work, hard work; and solitude and glorious adventure.
    .. Remember these numbers: 6Y2 & 6Y4 & 6Y5. These are the campsites closest to the one spot farther from any road in the lower 48 - and you're not there yet. Fewer people stand on the spot than climb Mt. Everest in a year. Fewer yet, catch a fish here.
    .. Ask your favorite Yellowstone expert how the fishing is on Cliff Creek. Enjoy the quizzical expression. Ask what fish can be caught. Ask about the mosquitoes. Only a select few can enter the conversation. Only a select few explode with enthusiasm about the voracious trout that will dance with you at the drop of a fly - any fly.
    .. There are 20" native Cutthroat Trout that soar like a pounded Rainbow Trout never could. But they are in the bigger streams nearby. You'll see where they are. You'll even see them. You'll catch them too.
    .. But the thrill of taking a fish far from the road and fine as they can be can only happen on Cliff Creek. Here a 10" fish is a giant. Here a 6" fish is a prize.
    .. In about four months there will be a few people near this place. Probably not a one of them will stand at: 44-05-05 N, x 110-04-12W. Maybe one will. Maybe they will catch a 5" native. Maybe it will be you!
    .. If you plan to walk it will take you a week, probably more. It demands stamina and enormous backcountry skills. This is bear country at it's finest. It is also moose country, deer country, and all the other critters in Yellowstone's country. It's as wild as it gets - anywhere.
    .. If you go by horseback, it's probably still a week - but it's more gentle. It's a bit easier but a bit more expensive. It will cost between $1,500 and $2,500 depending on the outfitter and the amenities that you choose. And, even then it won't be plush.
    .. There is still time to get a spot. There's not many and they are filling fast. Remember, the photo ops are spectacular, the experience exhilarating, the water cold and clean, and the fishing is "UNIQUE" in all the lower 48.
    .. Want to read about how it's done on foot? Check out the hiking report at SEAKAYAK. Want to see the spot? Watch the video below. It's from the documentary film Division Street, the official selection of the "Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival."
    .. Like movies on your computer? Tired of HULU? Try TERRA! Don't know about Terra? It's full of movies about Yellowstone and our neighborhood.
    .. Whirling disease? Sure thing! Montana beef? Sure enough! Elk responding to wolves? Of course! Fish & Cow? Most certainly! Winter in Yellowstone? A sure thing! Check it out.
    .. It's Got'ta be good it's from MSU.