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  • Monday, April 13, 2009

    Fish Abuse

    some dumb
    oh well
    (fishing is good)
    .. The "How Stuff Works" site has an article about removing hooks and killing fish. Since we all know it all there's no need to read it HERE.

    Say Cheese!
    Photographing your catch is a good way to show off your skills without mounting a fish on your wall. But for the sake of the fish, you've got to do it quick. Make sure your photographer has the camera ready and pre-focused. Until then keep the fish wet and calm. Crouch down close to the water and carefully hold the fish with two hands, supporting it under the belly and firmly by the tail. Wait a second for the fish to become accustomed to your grasp and then carefully lift it less than a foot from the water. Flash your pearly whites, take the picture immediately and return the fish gently back to the water.
    .. From the "FOUND SHIT" site's animal pages comes the aquarium light bulb. You can find more HERE.
    .. From 'Swimmy' at the "railbirds poker community" comes a thought about body art.
    .. From the advertising site "LOVE THE COOL" comes a tongue tattoo that must have been an excruciating experience. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the pain. Yummy.
    .. The morning fogs over this last weekend gave way in late morning to absolutely divine nymphing weather: persistent overcast punctuated with small drizzles and anemic rays of sun. There were only moderate breezes, and the temperatures were downright tropical, (30' and 40's.)
    .. The fish at Campfire Lodge were so overjoyed at the weather that they ate anything presented - except the midges that were present in copious quantities - go figure.
    .. The footpaths to the water are now becoming trails and the neighbors are doing their best to scandalize the fish before the hoards of visitors arrive for their turn. There are still active spawners in the water between the lakes, and redds are visible from shore.
    .. Given the current cooperative attitude of the trout there is no need to wade. There is no need to even aim at "fishy" places. And, there is no need to be delicate in your presentation. The 'spring bite' is on and it's a welcome change.
    .. We started the weekend with Midge Clusters and Feather Dusters but quickly switched to Jacklin's Rock Worm and Bead Head Tungsten Hot Wire Prince Nymphs.
    .. We were so enamored with the photos at River Bum that we actually sent money for the Hot Wire Nymphs - good investment. It seems that green is good right now.
    .. A couple of the neighbors were doing well with caddis-green Stiff Hackles. Green is the color of my true Love's . . . .
    .. We left the winter grub box at home. Elizabeth brought hers and nailed a nice 20" rainbow at Awkward Bend. The drift was poor after an horrible and splashy cast. Hungry fish make the difference.
    .. We spent a lazy two hours watching the worm folks gather up giant fish from the bits of open water at the tail end of Quake Lake.
    .. A good cast can still reach the ice. Just a tug and wait for the strike. It works with a Gob of Worms or a dark purple San Juan Worm too: just not as well.