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  • Saturday, May 05, 2007

    Just A Normal Spring Day

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    Hebgan & Quake Producing Big Fish
    Gallatin Blown Out & Brown
    time to review fishing regulations

    From The Horses Mouth.. Well, the neighbors gathered at the coffee roaster's on Saturday instead of Friday this week, happily The Horse's Mouth feature "Fish On Fridays" was on time and well worth the look and we avoided hitting the water until the air temperature climbed into the 30's. Discussion on the water was brief and stilted. We were terribly concerned about the possible physiological affects of our current lake temperature on anatomical protuberances of wahines. We fished some too.
    .. The thunder snow was entertaining as it came up-river and swirled around the tight Madison River Canyon. Retreat was the better part of valor, and the thermos was a welcome sight.
    .. Quake Lake yielded some nice Rainbows. Ice-out was a bit early this year and the fish are unusually eager. We spent most of the day leap-frogging along the northwest shore of the lake and found fish within casting distance of the shore at all locations. The drowned timber, (see map below,) was especially productive on streamers. Strip them slow and let them pause between short pulls of 1 - 2 feet . . . deadly. The neighbors, using gear and worms, are doing very well at the boat launch ramp, and the mouth of Beaver Creek. Fish in the 3# range seem to be the norm right now. Nymphs, drowned behind little bobbers or buoyant Caddis imitations are working wonders too. The dropper should not be too deep, about 10" - 14" is fine. A Prince Nymph, (size 12 - 18,) is the neighbor's choice.
    .. The color of the Madison River below Cabin Creek is a lovely tan. Visibility might be six inches in this section. This discharge, combined with that of Beaver Creek, has produced an enormous silt plume and concentrated the fish in the up-lake sections of Quake Lake. The groceries in this silt-laden runoff must look like a smörgåsbord to the hungry trout.
    .. Reliable reports from the Gallatin River suggest that the only currently fishhable section is between the Yellowstone Park boundary and the Taylor Fork. The color and consistency of the Fork's discharge is reportedly the same as something that you would find in a diaper - we'll pass.
    .. It's not too early to review the Yellowstone Park fishing regulations. Last year's changes highlighted the barbless hooks requirement, however there are some other important changes that seem to have been overlooked by some guides and fisher folks.
    .. These changes include the mandate for killing Rainbow Trout in Slough Creek in order to delay the complete hybridization of Cutthroat Trout that this stream is so famous for. The regulations say that if you can tell the difference between a Rainbow and a Cutthroat you should kill the Rainbows that you catch.
    "We’re asking anglers to assist us in our conservation efforts by harvesting non-native fishes from streams and lakes where they coexist with our native cutthroat trout and Arctic grayling. In these waters there is no question that the introduced, non-native species are continuing to do serious harm."

    .. This is an important aspect of fishing in Yellowstone and should be practiced by all concerned and conscientious fly fishers. If you can't tell a Rainbow from a Cutt, please get some help in identification, and fish like you cared about the fish as well as the fishing.
    .. If the current weather patters continue, and the runoff is fast and furious, the snow pack will be diminished to the point that many rivers stand the chance of being closed early. This suggests to us that early Spring fishing may be pretty good, we're planning on it.
    .. Mid Current informs us of the persistence of the dry fly purist religion well into the 21st century. These folks postpone their fishing until they know they will be successful with a dry fly in conditions that produce prolific hatches. They miss a lot of fishing time and a lot of fish. Oh well.
    .. Fishing Jones is having altogether too much fun. His recent photo captioned "Spanish mackerel on a Fly," could just as easily have been captioned "Spanish Fly on a mackerel." This is a deceiving photo at best. Jones also pointed us in the direction of some local research that we had heard about, but hadn't seen published. Ken Rodnick down at Idaho State University has been studying trout hearts. Science Daily carried a note about his research that shows that the female trout heart is different than the male trout heart. The study expands upon previous work in other fish, and in the case of the trout: ". . . Female rainbow trout prefer carbohydrates and tolerate lower oxygen levels better than males."
    .. The reports from MRO keep coming. It's nice to see fishing guides fishing. Soon enough they will have too little time to themselves. It was their note about some early Baetis that prompted our sojourn to Quake Lake. Caught fish - saw no Baetis.
    .. Up in Gardiner, Montana they are watching for the Mother's Day Caddis. Park's Fly Shop is the place to find this information first. Watch their fishing report for the first sightings of these babies. The third edition of "Fishing Yellowstone National Park" is now available. You can get signed copies of the second edition from Park's shop - while they last. The closeout price is only $11.00.
    .. Jack Dennis' Fishing Report lets us know that the Snake River is blown out down around Jackson Wyoming. If you are going to fish the southern part of Yellowstone, or around Jackson, click on over to the free map page on the Jack Dennis site. These maps can be downloaded in a JPG or PDF format and should prove to be an invaluable resource for your fishing - it's not too early to plan!
    .. *** The image of the dog at the top of the page is from PETA. Their latest campaign is about to hit a billboard near you. Click on over to "Fishing Hurts" so you will know what's coming your way.