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  • Saturday, July 22, 2006

    Yellowstone Very Hot

    fishing pretty good too!

    nps photo

    .. This is the time of year that our visitors bemoan the fact that Mother Nature is messy in her rejuvenation methods, and that sometimes they have to fish in a non-postcard setting.
    .. The Magpie fire that we noted a few days ago is approaching 800 acres in a slow and leisurely fashion. The fuel is limited and the hot winds have not been too bad the last couple of days. Next year there will be places for three-toed woodpeckers, grass for elk and bears, and the start of a beautiful wildflower meadow.

    .. We're going fishing this afternoon; and in honor of the 135th anniversary of the British Open Golf Championship, we're going to fish an "OLDE ENGLISH" fly.
    ..The Shell Fly is among the oldest mentioned in English literature, & is recommended for July. It looks remarkably similar to the huge flies that have been draining our blood on a daily basis: -- we will, (metaphorically, allegorically, symbolically?) return the favor.
    .. The recipe is simple. "The shell fly: the body of green wool, wound about with herl from the peacock's tail, and wings of the buzzard." We use "Tail of Argus" as a buzzard substitute. (sizes 6 - 12.)

    .. The local phrase is Hopper & Dropper for the Gallatin River. The yellow guts on the windshield will tell you where to stop and wet a line. We use size 6 Big Wing Sparkle Caddis and a size 12 Little Mite. Or sometimes we use any ol' hopper and a size 14 Prince Nymph. As soon as the hoppers are in full blossom we will try to match the size and belly color.

    .. The grass in the first meadow at Slough Creek is a golden-green and beginning to turn brown; It'll take two weeks and the hoppers will explode during that time. The Cutts are becoming pretty spooky now and the best fishing is in the evening.
    .. Because of the heat, there are a few early mayflies, (around 7:30 or 8:oo AM.) Use the smaller Gray Drakes, (sizes 16 - 20,): and PMD's, Baetis, duns and spinners in the mornings to size 22. The evening is still producing good caddis hatches but they are small as well. It might be useful to use ants, beetles, or floating nymphs and emergers in the evening. The fishing along the road below the campground is excellent right now with a bit larger caddis and some small stoneflies.
    .. Soda Butte Creek still has some large fish, but it's mostly being a good mother to the yearlings and fry. Fish just about anything that floats in a size 14 - 18, in the pocket water of the canyon. It's shady and cool for a mid-day break. There are still larger, (and hungry,) Cutts in the meadow at the confluence with the Lamar River.
    .. The evening caddis hatch on the Madison River, (just about anywhere,) has been good. Sizes 14 - 18, and the hoppers are starting.
    Second hand, (but trusted,) reports:
    .. The Bechler River, Boundary Creek, Mountain Ash Creek, are all doing good on afternoon hoppers and evening caddis. Hint: so is the Falls River outside of the park.
    .. The Snake River at the southern park boundary and on to Flagg Ranch, is fishing very well. These fine-spotted Cutts are still taking stoneflies, large caddis, and beetles to size 4 - 6. Don't let the big water intimidate you. Just imagine that each bit of water is made up of a group of parallel rivers & streams, (which it is,) fish each of them and you'll do great. Evening is best but still very warm.

    ..Read about the New Zealand Mud Snail in Yellowstone Park, and the current planning to respond to the creature.
    Check your knowledge about aquatic pests with the online game "Who Wants To Be A Fish Biologist."

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