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  • Thursday, July 27, 2006


    time flies
    Hello Alice
    Fall Fishing Plans
    DO IT NOW!
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    .. With all due respects to that fine little fly shop that was once my home in Arcata -- TIME FLIES! If you plan to visit Yellowstone this fall - - you should have a reservation NOW!
    .. There are lots of motels in West Yellowstone. It's a town of motels. There are enough rooms to house the population 4 or 5 times over. They will all be full in September and October. The fishing promises to be great this fall. Plan ahead.
    .. There are three motels, (listed in the side bar,) that are "FLY FISHER FRIENDLY." They have a limited capacity, and are filling up now. They offer the amenities that the traveling fly fisher expects.

    .. The Faithful Street Inn has an assemblage of cabins that are internet friendly and comfortable. The establishment is operated by an icthyologist-flyfisher with a Master's Degree and a drift boat. Ask about Fall Fishing Rates.


    .. Pine Shadows has accommodations ranging from rustic motel rooms to palatal cabins. It is operated by a long time local outfitter with experience on all of our rivers and lakes. He has the stories to prove it. He will be pleased to aid you in tying local flies at the tying area as well.

    .. Sleepy Hollow has an assemblage of cozy cabins, (named for your favorite flies.) They have a well stocked fly tying bench. Sleepy hollow is operated by an outfitter who came to West Yellowstone to fish. He has, and does.
    .. If you want to enjoy both the fishing in the area, and partake of conversation with like-minded hosts and guests these establishments will enhance your stay in the neighborhood.

    .. Duck Creek is still a "less fished" destination. There are PMD's from about noon until dark, and they overlap with a very heavy caddis hatch that starts about 6:30 PM. Use sizes 14 - 18 for either fly, and pheasant tail nymphs on the surface. Technical folks can use some of the emerger patterns and, perhaps, do a bit better. The fish are not too selective yet.
    .. The cooler bits of the Gardiner River are fishing very well right through the hottest part of the day. If you need a mid-day fix take a double hand full of terrestrials like ants, (size 14 - 16,) foam beetles, (size 10 -14,) and hoppers, (size 12 - 14.) Cover a lot of water, ignore the cars, catch fish.
    .. Nez Perce Creek, (for some unknown reason,) continues to fish very well. The late evening, right up to dark has an excellent caddis hatch. Use a Big Wing Sparkle Caddis in size 12 - 14 and enjoy the cooling breezes that are funneling down the valley from Mary Mountain. The smoke from the Magpie fire is all blowing the other way right now. If you arrive early be sure to have a hopper or four - size 10 - 14 will work, (this is where we like to fish our Hornberg.)
    .. Hebgan Lake is beginning it's heavy 'gulper' phase. Quiet & still mornings, (maybe the heat is good for something,) are producing excellent fishing conditions in both the Madison Arm and the South Fork Estuary. Be sure that your float tube doesn't leak and take some nymphs and flies that will fool the fish into thinking yours is a juicer Callibaetis than Mother Nature's offering. Sizes are pretty consistent at 16 - 18. If the fish are rippling and not rishing try a small, (size 14 - 16,) olive colored wooly bugger, or even a "pinkish" scud in size 14 - 16. The bloom is on and fishing should get better right through the early days of fall.
    P.S. Check Ranger Gord For "Rhadamanthine Citations"