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  • Wednesday, July 19, 2006


    fishing hot
    Weather Hot

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    .. We went up to our favorite stretch of the Gallatin River for some evening fishing yesterday. We anticipated that the "stone hoppers" would be working as they have been in recent days. Silly fisherfolks.
    .. It was stoneflies and caddis - we even saw a couple of hoppers but the fish were taking Yellowstone Sally Flies and Big Wing Sparkle Caddis.
    .. At about 4:30 PM, just as we were bemoaning the heat, while rigging up, we noticed a fire plume toward the center of Yellowstone National Park and commented that the heat had produced another dry-lightning storm. As we moved to a second spot at about 6:30 PM the plume had grown to towering proportions. By the time we returned home at about 9:00 there was no smoke to be seen.
    .. We had witnessed, from afar, the blow-up of the Magpie Fire on the flanks of Mary Mountain, (and we had even thought about fishing up Nez Perce Creek.) The hot dry winds had blown the fire from .5 acres to nearly 100 acres and then nearly out in a matter of about five hours.

    <- photo by Wesley

    .. This morning our neighbor / outfitter / packer, stopped by and showed us some photos that he had taken. He was bringing some dudes out while we were fishing. The fire blew up and out in a hurry, and he had to detour to get home before dark - and make connections - we didn't ask.
    .. Should you be interested in real-time fire watching on the web; check out these sites:
    -- Montana Department Of Environmental Quality, Fire Smoke Advisory Page,
    -- Yellowstone National Park Wildland Fire Page,
    -- MODIS,
    -- MODIS Rapid Response System Global Fire Maps, (the world is on fire, check out Africa & South America.)
    About the fishing:
    .. The wind in the Gallatin River Valley is horrendous until dusk. Happily there are still happy and hungry fish that are out of the wind. The big, (relatively,) placid pools in the bends and meanders are rippled and the fish are "up" in the water col. Bad for casting - good for catching. They are still taking stonefly imitations and caddis when the shadows get long. We saw a couple of hoppers, so maybe the heat is going to bring on the frenzy. If all else fails and the fish are looking up, try floating a Montana Duster or a small gold-ribbed hare's ear.
    .. Slough Creek is plagued by heat, flies, (the kind that bite,) wind, mosquitoes, and very hungry Cutthroat Trout. There is morning fishing to PMD's and misc. spinners. The evening fishing is better, and the hoppers are making an early appearance there. We remind you that the Rainbow invasion is on in Slough Creek. Yellowstone Park would like you to kill the Rainbows, to preserve the Cutts - IF YOU ARE SURE OF THE IDENTIFICATION!! (Page 10 of your regulations.)
    .. The fishing around Mary's Bay on Yellowstone Lake is producing fish. Either in a tube, (get your watercraft sticker,) or from the shore. Dark purple leeches, (black if you must,) are the top producers. Even a couple Lakers have been taken - KILL 'EM!