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  • Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Hearty Alternative

    Very Friendly & Eager Fish
    lakes & streams
    canyons & meadows

    .. Check the Back country offices for the lifting of the current bear closure. We hope it happens as you are reading this: Visitor Information: (307) 344-7381. Back Country Information: (307) 344-2160.

    .. It'll wear you out. You'll catch many fish. It's a long - long - day. There is a place to camp. The mosquitoes are already out - GADZOOKS.
    .. Would you like to escape the elbows on the Firehole River? [see post below.]
    .. Pioneer spirit running rampant in your soul? Got the guts and fortitude for the nearby back country? Know how to travel and camp in bear & bison country? Enjoy catching lots of fish? Ever see a Grayling?
    .. Plan to take a walk before the crowds get there and visit the Gibbon River Chain of Lakes.

    .. The most fished is Grebe Lake, (Grayling so hungry they will eat the soles off of your shoes.)
    .. But between the lakes, (Cascade, Grebe, Ice, & Wolf,) flows the Gibbon River. It's a seldom fished bit of water that holds fish eager to be your dance partner.
    .. The trip is less popular in the early season because of the muddy trail conditions, bear closures, and early mosquitoes. Further, right now it's a real chore to fish because of the road closure at the Gibbon River bridge construction zone, (the road opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM.) And, again: the bears.
    .. The opportunity to catch, and catch, and catch is startling. The fisher who can, and is willing to walk, (and stay a night or two,) will tell stories for the rest of the year, (and beyond.)
    .. The Brook Trout in the stream are usually bypassed because folks are scurrying to the lakes.
    .. The little darlings just adore Humpies, Caddis, Adams, and just about any other fly in your arsenal.
    .. By the first of July the trail will become a highway, filled with hikers, fishers, birders, campers, and others. But now; if you can do it - DO IT!
    .. Leeches are the traditional fare for the Grebe Lake Grayling. They should be on the small side, (1 - 2 inches,) and very black.
    .. Soft Hackles and Purple San Juan Worms run a close second and third to the leeches for the most useful flies in the lakes.
    .. We've recently taken a liking to the leech pattern tied by Dennis Collier, (DC Leech.) It's quick to tie, durable, and catches fish. Dennis is a fly tier and designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants.
    .. The Gibbon River in this particular reach is diverse, simple, frustrating, beautiful, challenging, and ultimately enjoyable.
    .. There are rapid riffles and canyons. There is pocket water and placid pools. There are meadows and tree-lined bends.
    .. There is rugged diversity that makes your heart soar and gentility that calms the soul. We're glad so few folks fish this water.
    .. Keep this bit of water in your mind. Time will soon come when it's available and it will be good to ge the jump on the hoards.
    .. On the other hand; you can park on the road, walk 100' and join the throng on the Firehole River.
    .. Right now it's easy, the fish are ravenous, and you can hear the cell phone from the sport next to you.