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  • Thursday, June 17, 2010

    Absolutely Perfect

    You Only Need Four Flies
    be here now (or this weekend)

    .. Sometimes everything is just perfect. For the Firehole River that time is now. The raging discharge has subsided and some sun punctuates the beautifully monotonous gray days. The bugs and the fish are in sync, and all is well with the world.
    .. At this very instant, and for the next few days, the Firehole River is adding more chapters to it's fishing legend. The BWO & PMD hatches are overlapping. The caddis, (at least three sorts,) are regular and persistent and growing more numerous by the day.
    .. The water temperature is perfect. The fish are just where they are supposed to be - AND - yet, are not too terribly selective.
    .. Fry are now beginning to move into the river. They just think that mom and dad are their friends.
    .. Clarity of the water is suitable for postcards in tourist shops. Fish of all sizes are fair game for the birds, fishers, otters, and other fish. The feeding frenzy is on.
    .. There are spinner falls for the morning, early hatches during mid day, late hatches in the afternoon, and twilight hatches for those that like the calm gentle evenings after the thundershowers. What more could you ask? Caddis all day? You got it!
    .. Flies for the Firehole River are simple, the rest is up to you. PMD dry flies in size 16 - 18 will be necessary. BWO, (still hanging around,) drys in 18 - 20. Dark caddis in sizes 14 - 16, (and 18 - 20,) & light caddis in 12 - 14. Right now these four flies will give you all the surface action that you can handle.
    .. Very soon the fish will wise up. Very soon the fishing will consume more time than the catching. Very soon a different chapter will be written. But for now, and this weekend, the glories of catching Firehole River trout will be easily accessible.
    .. Even now, on the other hand, no sloppy drifts will be tolerated. Even now splashy casts will put the fish down. Even now, (as the water clears,) a heavy leader will spook a few.
    .. There is opportunity for the technical fisher to test new flies. Emergers, spinners, cripples, hooligans, and such, from the winter's bench can be tried. Hatch and stage matching can be employed. All things good that the Firehole River has to offer are available now.
    .. We lied. You may need three additional flies should you choose to seek the giant submarines of the Firehole River.
    .. Of course the ubiquitous soft hackle, (a flymph - if you choose,) will poke 'em in the nose. We need say no more.
    .. Whisper it loudly, it's common knowledge right now: there are BIG BUGS in the canyon.
    .. Also, the high water of last week sent some of them as far down as 9-mile hole on the Madison River. Pick your favorite, (about 1 1/4" long; black or yellow,) and go for it.
    .. Then too, for the contrarian; a fry sized streamer or giant soft hackle will bring subsurface action of fable.
    .. But for now the gentle glides, dancing riffles, dainty slicks, and beautiful pockets are the surface fishers paradise. Get here now, it won't last long.
    .. And, finally, it's important to note that the caddis activity on the Madison River is just nuts! Mornings and evenings these things have been fluttering everywhere. But then, again, you wouldn't want to avoid the party on the Firehole River.
    Wallpaper if you choose.