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  • Sunday, June 27, 2010

    About That Time

    Flows Dead On
    Madison Clear & Cold
    gallatin starting fast
    must be summer !!

    .. Our seasons are not constrained by our calendar. We can have snow any day of the year. Thunderstorms can zap the power any night this time of year. But the fish know what's happening.
    .. When the Firehole River spikes to near 80° F it's summer. Early morning and evening fishing on the Firehole River is still productive, (for another week or 10 days,) but please be prepared to stalk your fish and get off the water by 11:00 AM. The fish have enough of a job just surviving.
    .. Cooler water near tributaries, highly oxygenated riffles, and undercut banks will be the place for successful fishers to look.
    .. Early morning PMD's are still around but sparse. The caddis have exploded and will provide good evening fare.
    .. Soft hackles and nymphs in the riffles will bring the most consistent action. It really is time to start exploring Nez Perce Creek, the Little Firehole, Iron Spring Creek, or the Firehole River just below Kepler Cascades, (if you've the legs and stamina for the little canyon.)
    .. Right now the prime west-side fishery in Yellowstone National Park is the Madison River. It's really come into shape over the weekend and will offer opportunities for all styles of fishing.
    .. There may be a lone late blooming salmonfly seen on Tuesday or Wednesday, but they are done. Not to fret - there's some yellow ones and a squadron of caddis appears every day.
    .. By the way, some of the little hopper nymphs are, already, in their second molt.
    .. These infants can fall in the river and prospecting near the banks with a small, (size 8 or 10,) bug may surprise you.
    .. Boulder hides, slick seams, and sweepers are places where the water allows the fish a good sight picture.
    .. Long leaders are often advocated for this river. Stealth and positioning are better tactics. Be not in a hurry and if you must wade do it very slowly and deliberately. The scenery is wonderful and you will be walking through fish, (they really are everywhere.)
    .. Ah, the Gallatin River. Such a beauty. Boulders, deep crystal pools, pods of fish in plain sight, riffles with dark slicks, undercut banks, and good access greet the visitor here.
    .. The area around the northern park line has seen some stoneflies.
    .. Nymphs, (Prince, Feather Duster, Hare's Ear,) are a better bet though.
    .. It's not too early to try the bits of Fan Creek in the confluence meadow. The wolves are around, a moose lives there, and a small black bear has been seen near the beaver pond.
    .. Anything on the surface or sunken that is a size 10 or smaller will grab a fish - right now.
    .. Way upstream, past the Bighorn Trailhead, there are fish working the riffles. Soft Hackles and Ants will bring dance partners bigger than the stream suggests in this area. The walk is usually worth it.