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  • Thursday, October 09, 2008

    School's In

    Madison River Crowded
    Firehole Fishing Well
    secrets revealed
    .. Something happened overnight. Not only did it get colder, but the runners from Hebgen Lake have decided to make an appearance in force. No; they're not stacked in the holes like cord wood yet, but it will be that way soon. They have started their fall education, and fishers are elbow to elbow in all the usual places providing the education.
    .. Tutoring in 'flymphing' is the current most popular course; followed by 'streamering,' 'nyph-a-longing,' 'sanjuanshuffling,' and 'beadheading.' Many of the new tutors are having troubles convincing their students that course offerings are worth taking. Seasoned and sage tutors are having the most success with first and second year students willing to learn.
    .. Older students are reluctant to engage in much of this silliness and are cutting class. They are, however, present and can be found lurking in the undercut banks during the late afternoon and evening hours.
    .. Students on the Madison Campus are actively pursuing their own agenda's in 'noon-avoidance' and 'hole hunkering,' while those on the Gibbon Campus are just beginning to show up for classes.
    .. There are some third and fourth year students pursuing graduate courses in secret classrooms on the Duck Creek Campus, Grayling Creek Campus, and the little known Cougar Creek Annex. These secrets of the wise are only visited by the most well informed faculty members.
    .. The small Firehole Campus below the falls is a popular congregating place for tutors and students. It has proved to be an exhilarating experience for both. The administration has issued a bulletin that warns tutors of the early redds in the area.
    .. Notable course offerings from the best tutors are presented in a stealthy fashion with some attendant hardware that is often seen on the fjords of Sweden and Iceland. This hardware is still rare on the Yellowstone campuses but is becoming more popular as the students become 'got-aways' for the fresh tutors. It seems that learning is a two way street in the Yellowstone Runner University.
    .. The university administration has posted some guidelines for the brief fall session. They remind the tutors that the students are on their way to important amorous engagements and that their strength is necessary for these encounters. They have schooled many of the tutors in the art of 'quick play' and 'rapid release' in order that the students not be too badly traumatized or exhausted in their courses.
    .. Students with identifying tags should be noted and reported as the recruitment for the upcoming year's courses need to be anticipated and planned for. Psychological screening has not been implemented for tutors, as yet. Ego satisfaction and long tussles with slim leaders are, however, being scrutinized by the administration.
    .. The dean of instruction has posted a list of required reading for the first and second year students. The books and articles include: "The Escapist by Tangled Twig," "Nibble Before You Eat by Gerome Gastronome," "Sheer Frustration by Rocky Bottom," and "Strength Through Evasion by Waterson Dark."
    .. The neighbors are fond of saying, "It's time to educate some runners." No one has heard the piscine response but it might be something like, "Go ahead and try!"
    .. As the focus of fall education shifts to the more popular campuses the students on the Biscuit Basin Campus and the Upper Hole Campus are busy with student food in the form of Evening Caddis and early Baetis munchies. Some tutors willing to educate more students rather than large students have joined the reverse migration upstream to these nearly abandoned reaches.
    .. Students along the arcade leading to Lone Star are most eager for education and have donned their most colorful regalia for the fall session. Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder.