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  • Monday, April 07, 2008

    Lost: one weekend.

    Bozo Rocks
    fisherfolk everywhere
    but not us
    neighborhood.. Apropos of the season there are Spring fishers along the length of the Gallatin River, and in those sections of the Madison River that are open. There are parking lots full of invasive license plates and pull-outs crowded with SUV's. The further down-elevation you travel, the denser is the "Tin Hatch."
    .. The "Tin Hatch" is a Spring phenomenon along most rivers in our area - (most areas with trout streams, in fact.) The Tin Hatch is indicative of the old fly fisher's adage -- "The farther from home you fish; The better the fishing."
    .. We drove right past most of the happy anglers and did the necessary, mundane, and urgent tasks of the season. Didn't even take any gear. Didn't even sacrifice ourselves to the rivers. Didn't even wash the muck off of the car. Got it all done and lost the weekend.
    .. The Tin Hatch lets us know, (as if we didn't,) that this must be a great place to be. People like to fish here -- DUH! We like to fish here too, but on occasion we just don't.
    .. The tin is really steel and it will be collected, or tossed, or recycled. The fishers will vanish, only to be replaced by others, in increasing numbers. The Tin Hatch progresses in intensity for the next three months, plateaus, then spikes with the first snows of Fall.
    .. It is more predictable, regular, and prolific than the other hatches of our rivers. It is indicative of the possibilities that await the visitors. We welcome them for their indication of the season.
    .. Visitation with neighbors confirms that the hatch is on time, and a bit larger than usual. We hope that this bodes well for the upcoming season. We know it bodes well for the scrap metal dealers.
    .. Speaking of recycling: there is a nice image and sentiment at Moldy Chum. It is similar to a post of ours at about this same time last year.
    .. John Montana, carrier of the finest moniker in all of blogdom, is certainly not interested in the carp-loving beauty depicted in the two posts. His new babies and local waters are more than satisfactory, (we infer this from his blogging.)
    .. Now then, Is there a John Catfish out there somewhere that would like this little lovely moaning to have him return? We wonder.
    .. On the other hand we give full marks to THE HORSE'S MOUTH for their most recent Fish On Fridays.
    .. Lovely rod, great reel, long tapering waders, scenic setting, appropriate attire, nice net, and not a hair out of place. Is John Lei out there anywhere hoping that the moans from this wahine are for him?
    .. By the way -- speaking of moaning. Can you imagine traveling to a fishing location; lowering yourself to using nymphs, (oh the indignity of it all,) and catching no fish?
    .. It happens: even to mighty Chandler, and even on his home waters. This goes to prove the old fisher's adage.
    .. We're not sure what's worse: 'fishlessness' or nymphs. Nice pictures - we know the feeling, (though we enjoy the nymphs).
    .. During a "mid-life-morning" we recently updated both the fly page and the map page. During the upcoming season we're planning to concentrate on the small streams that were requested in the recent survey. And, by golly, we've learned about some of the bits and pieces on the damn camera.
    .. The map locations will now have full picture disclosure. There are just no secrets in Yellowstone, (that we know of.)