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  • Saturday, August 18, 2007


    Where To - - & - - What To ?
    after all it's almost september

    Anticipation, anticipation
    Is makin' me late
    Is keepin' me waitin' **

    .. Although a couple of cool days do not an autumn make - it's worth thinking about. The last few days have been fish perfect - until the waters colored. There cooler air temperatures have made for a bit cooler water temperatures, and as poor as the fishing has been, (and continues to be,) there are still excellent fishing opportunities. (For a report on how bad it's been see: chicagotribune.com)

    .. There is good fishing on neighborhood waters, particularly in the afternoon. The Gallatin River is as responsive to the afternoon thundershowers as is any mountain stream. The coloring can change from clear to mud in an instant as runoff moves down from the surrounding peaks.
    .. Spruce Moths, PMD's, a
    few hoppers, and evening Caddis hatches continue to provide fish food and angler opportunities. This is attractor and nymph fishing at its best. There are even flying ants. The park sections of the river, (if not colored too badly,) are crowded and not disappointing. The canyon sections - both above and below Big Sky are even more crowded. This is a good time to meet the neighbors.
    .. Gulpers continue to appear on Hebgen Lake, and on Quake Lake. Fish early and enjoy. There are still lots of Callibaetis coming off and it looks likely to continue for sometime. Fish a two fly combination of your favorite floater and sinker. The fish are in their capricious mood and some days prefer the nymph - on other days it's the surface fly.
    .. The Madison River in the tailwater section between the lakes is not quite elbow to elbow, and is fishing very well. Evening brings some PMD's and Caddis. Fishing is productive from dawn to dusk with attractors and nymphs. Speculation has it that the reason big fish are still in this section is that they are coming out of Quake Lake to the highly oxygenated cool water from the dam. In the evening the stickups along the road are productive with attractors and terrestrials. This is the perfect place for your favorite beetle, (use a red Humpy here if you're out of beetles.)
    .. You can still find fish in Yellowstone National Park: there are fewer of them and they are both wary and weary.
    .. If you
    absolutely have to fish in Yellowstone National Park be sure to observe the restrictions!
    .. Morning on the Madison River near West Yellowstone can provide some exciting fishing as the nights cool the water and the fish perk up. Both the sparse Trico hatches and some small attractor fishing can be had.
    This is not the time or place for wispy tippets and long struggles. Be fat with the tippet and release the fish quickly.
    .. Stay off the Firehole River, Nez Perce Creek, and the Gibbon River below the falls. These fish are pooped, (the ones that are still alive,)
    and September will be here soon enough.
    .. Soda Butte Creek is fishing to hoppers and ants in the mornings as is Slough Creek. We've been using Flytimes version of the Jimmy Legs Hopper and doing very well indeed. Try a size 10, 12, 14, (if you can make it that small.) It doesn't look like much at these sizes but it works on the fish just dandy.
    .. The spry of leg and adventurous of heart should take a walk up the Gardner River - above Osprey Falls. It's not too hard, or too far, and a single fly box along with a 3-weight and bear spray are not too heavy a burden for quick-fire action and eager fish. Use attractors and small terrestrials for a jolly good time of it. Those that really want fast action should use gold ribbed Hare's Ears and PT's for a workout, (sizes 14-16 should be excellent.)
    .. There are a couple of things that need to be considered as fall approaches. Wader Friendly Lodging is filling up already. Make your reservations early.
    .. Parks' head guide Walter Wiese has
    posted an article about Fall Fishing In Yellowstone Country - give it a read.
    .. The Jack Dennis Fishing Report is especially informative right now, and those of you intending to fish around Jackson, Wyoming should check it out frequently.
    .. la boca de caballo is at it again.
    Too many pretty girls, too many silly photos, too much to digest at a single sitting - click on over at your own peril. Despite the gorgeous women, we especially empathize with the poor kid with the schnoz ornament.
    .. There is an enormous amount of new information at Protect Your Waters. An ancient Buddhist Ritual has resulted in the release of hundreds of live reptiles into the Passaic River, [ 1, 2.]
    .. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Lake Tahoe is getting warmer, sloppier, and dirtier . . . ugh!
    .. Time for biscuits & Gravy, or maybe pancakes this morning.