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  • Friday, March 30, 2007

    Weather Returns: Brings Winter With It


    Nasty Weather - Good
    new book published - ARGHH!

    .. The weather never fails to disappoint in Yellowstone Country. Vengeance for a solid week of gentility was obtained by splattering us with hail, freezing rain, snow and temperatures down where the thermometer shivers. Must be springtime in the neighborhood.
    .. Happily the fishing has been good, and the larger fish are gliding into the Madison River below Hebgen Dam. There will be another couple of weeks and then amore de piscine will begin - We'll leave them alone then.
    .. The fish are beginning to become territorial in anticipation of the spawn and takes are a bit more positive than just a week ago. They seem to be keying more on nymphs than streamers right now, and the various caddis imitations are a sure bet. In a week, or so, the significant territories will be established and streamers will be slaughtered as a redd protection, and dominance behavior. This phase of the pre-spawn signals the end of our visit to this locale for about 6 weeks. Other fishers begin to get thick about this time.
    .. An excellent fly in this tailwater fishery is "Jacklin's Green Rock Worm." It can be fished from now through late July with good results. Size 8 - 12 is about right for this time of year, and should bring you some good fish.
    .. Other nymphs for the stretch from the 'Discharge Riffles' through the 'Campfire Run' (see map below,) are the Stiff Hackle, Feather Duster, Yellow Montana Duster, and the ever popular Prince. Bead head varieties are in fashion and producing well.
    .. Late in the day a Yellowstone Badger can be loaded with grease and floated in the gentle sections below 'Awkward Bend' and even into the 'Choice Hole.' The shadows make this tough fishing but the rewards can be great.
    .. The gear and worm fishers have a pretty firm lock on the area below where Beaver Creek debouches into the Madison River. Just walk down and introduce yourself and catch a fish or three. It's kind'a like a social experiment. This is the place to dredge the deep slow pool with a Yellowstone Winter Grub.
    .. A safety note for the wise: park as far off of the road as possible. Icy roads are still possible and travelers are often working hard to negotiate this section of the highway. There's no need to add crumpled fenders to your Spring adventures.
    .. From Protect Your Waters comes a note about a toad larger than Paris Hilton's . . . errr . . . pet dog. This invasive species is toxic, but a blender makes it into just good fertilizer. You can read the full story in CBS Sci-Tech.
    .. Yvon Chouinard, (of Patagonia fame,) is also mentioned as "A Real Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Hero." You can read the whole story in a FORTUNE article.
    .. For those of you living in California, this may be old news; but for the rest of us a $1,500 federal boat permit might sound just a wee tad too expensive. It could happen if the California court decision means anything. This is going to bear watching as close as a fence across a stream in Montana.