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  • Monday, June 12, 2006

    Yellowstone Blogging

    Why Blog
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    -- This site started out as a simple means to communicate with neighbors and friends who visit Yellowstone National Park. Many of our neighbors and friends have tight schedules and need to plan their hectic lives around conditions at their destinations. We started this blog to help with that.
    -- The damn thing has grown, and there are now many folks that we don't know using the site. This is an ego satisfying result, but it wasn't our intent. We now get requests for much that was outside the scope of the original plan. We are happy to comply where we can. We have time for much more than fishing, and have learned to search the web and find news for our busy friends. This is also a satisfying task. There is a wealth of good information as well as pure junk out there.
    -- There are no advertisements, pop-ups, redirections, or other www-impediment's on this site. The intent is not to make money, even as an ancillary act. We intend to keep it that way. Our personal fishing includes much more than just Yellowstone Park, and we find it hard to keep that stuff from creeping in - for that we apologize.
    -- However, we find ourselves returning to some sites time and again because of their information content and their entertainment value. Most of the sites we use are listed in the sidebar. Most are Yellowstone related in one way or another. The others are just plain fun.

    Map of the 100 most recent visitors from North America.

    -- Because blogs are more dynamic and current than web sites we visit them more frequently. Web sites trend toward static marketing tools and provide us with little current information.
    -- There are some places on the web that demand attention. Fujioka's Home Page is one such place. It is well organized and has a high information and entertainment value. So does The Trout Underground, as does Moldy Chum. If you are interested in links try Fujioka's page, also MRO has an excellent Yellowstone related links page. Our friends often travel to Washington D.C. and we always send them to Rose River Farms to help with jet lag and home-sickness. MidCurrent is a standard for information and entertainment. Two exceptional sites for the buggy folks are Troutnut and Flyfishing Entomology.
    -- Our current perspective is geocentric and has a West Yellowstone bias. We make no apology for that. This place is certainly not the best place in the universe for fly fishing. It is however the best place for a variety of accessible excellent fly fishing. At our age it is a blessing to be able to drive to exceptional fishing sites and back home in the same day.
    -- All this is by way of saying thank you to the new friends and neighbors that this blog has generated. And, as they say in Mongolia - "tight lines & don't catch 'em all!"
    --We're off on our annual Grayling quest.