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  • Monday, June 26, 2006


    trout over the hill
    Yellowstone Park Very Busy

    <-- Eye-itchin', nose-cloggin', throat raspin', pine pollen.

    -- We took a trip to Ennis to see the "great Stonefly hatch" over the weekend. They're there! The warm weather means that they are moving upstream fast, and the glut is on.
    -- The weather has also brought the pine trees into full rut. Cars are covered with pollen, eyes are full of pollen; don't blow your nose unless you're willing to have a yellow 'hanky.' And, of course, when the afternoon rainshowers quit, there's a ring-around-the-puddles.
    -- When we returned from the big water our neighbors regaled us with stories of our home waters, and chastised us for the trip to the lowlands.
    -- The Firehole River is still fishing good but the temperature is rising and it's best fished in the morning or in the evening after the sun gets off the water. There's a heavy evening Caddis hatch right now in the sections along the Old Freight Road.
    -- Some of the neighbors have already started their trek up Iron Spring Creek and Nez Perce Creek. They report that there are good fish taking large nymphs, (6 - 10,) in the cooler waters of Iron Spring. Nez Perce has lost most of it's bison and the meadows are fishing well to dry flies in the early afternoon. This seems a bit early, but July is just around the corner.

    <- nps photo Heart Lake Cabin

    -- The trip "over the hill" to Ennis gave us time to remember when it was a simple task to walk to the Heart Lake Ranger Cabin. Do duty, then fish. Heart Lake opens in just 5 days. We invite you to visit it for us and kill a few.
    -- We took some time to cruise, (surf, navigate, search, whatever,) the web and discovered that there are sea monster sightings on the northern periphery of Yellowstone. Visit George Anderson to see how he is busy sticking them on the rivers in that direction.
    -- Our neighbor Dick Green, at Bud Lily's Trout Shop reports that the glory waters of the Lamar River, Slough Creek, and Lower Gardiner are beginning to fish well. He also fished at our favorite place on Soda Butte Creek and took some nice Cutthroat. He reminds us that the kids area where bait can be used is now clear and fishable. So now is the time to go to Indian Creek, Panther Creek, Obsidian Creek, and the Upper Gardiner. This area is usually full of Brook Trout. The kids will have a ball. Check your regulations, or ask a Ranger to direct you to the hot spots.
    -- Road blocks for commercial vehicle inspections are starting now, and may cause some delays. Be patient if you bump into one. You can read about it HERE.
    -- The folks at the Midcurrent Web Site have added some features and it's always well worth a visit. Check out the article about the thermal optimum by David Ross. Now we know why the Firehole has so few friends in summer; not a real big surprise.
    -- If you plan to go somewhere this summer, if you plan to stay home this summer, if you hibernate in the summer, or if you have a spare 5 minutes, you should visit the GetOutdoors web site. It is a premier destination on the web, and is full of good information and tips.
    -- MOLDY CHUM is always full of insights and information. Today's posts are no exception. Lee Marvin just became a bit more exalted, in my eyes, after seeing the post. They have also uncovered the very popular, and extreamly informative HATCHES MAGAZINE; just 6 months old and already a site that sucks you into the monitor.
    -- Tomorrow we renew our quest for our annual Grayling. Hopefully we will be able to avoid catching all the Brookies, Browns, Rainbows, and Cutts that get in way. Right now we're going to cruise, (surf, click, wander, etc.) over to The Trout Underground and see how the fishing is on the Upper Sac.