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  • Tuesday, July 12, 2016

    The Election Cycle

    A New Montana ??
    like lewis & cox
    .."A Fish Tail Tale," is just gentle political speak for a LIE.
    .. We watch as the local fly fishing fraternity becomes attached to causes both far and wide yet, ignores the campaign of Greg  Gianforte for the office of Governor of the State of Montana.
    .. Just like Huey Lewis, (LINK 1, LINK 2,) and James Cox Kennedy, (LINK 3, LINK 4,) Greg "THE CARPETBAGGER" Gianforte believes that stream access in Montana should be reserved for wealthy individuals only.
    .. You can read about the latest push to become governor and the small resistance to the candidacy HERE.
    .. The Times, They Are A Changin', (thanks Bob.) The recent popular political ground swell toward anti establishment political figures is reminiscent of the 60's - in the opposite direction.
    .. Remnant changes of the 60's ground swell are few and even fewer made it into law. {{Recreational Marijuana is just now poking through the legal structure.}}
    .. We wonder if a Montana Governor born in New Jersey will bring about changes that will be conducive to more and better fly fishing opportunities in our state.
    .. The fly fishing fraternity is, on the whole, radically conservative in it's mindset. perhaps this is why the carpetbagger is below their radar.
    .. Gianforte has just given $8,000,000.oo to MSU for his name on a building, (and caused a student ruckus LINK 5.) It would appear that  this candidate is well on his way to buying Montana in a most insidious way.
    .. Since his belief in the dinosaurs living with Adam and Eve just 4,000 years ago seems to be the carpetbagger's main qualification to be Governor of Montana, it's only fitting that the fly fishing population would ignore the campaign.
    .. We'll wait and see if there is any appreciation of the threat to an active outdoor lifestyle from the staid fly fishers of Montana. Reactive instead of proactive approaches seem to be the norm.
    .. The last few days of bluster, (including a bit of snow,) have put off the visitors who whine and wriggle in clammy waders on the chill mornings. It's been a godsend for the neighbors who fish.
    .. Both the Madison River and the Firehole River have cooled. We pass on the Firehole River, (it got hammered very hard this year,) but the Madison River is producing catching opportunities that were not anticipated. Bless the weather.
    .. The cold nights have not slowed down the ants or beetles. The hoppers are sluggish until mid day. Visiting fishers are sluggish until shortly thereafter.
    .. The Gallatin River is still the go-to river for the neighbors. Fishing has been nearly as good as the catching. The trout seem to be both more willing and more plentiful than in recent memory along the sections in Yellowstone National Park.
    ..Further down canyon, (below Taylor Fork,) there is a bit of color in the stream. Even the West Fork is pumping in some silt. This should not put off the dedicated fisher. The silt plumes are well defined and both the fish and the fishers can see them.
    .. This is an excellent opportunity to gather up the largest resident critters from the deep. They come up and work the water column adjacent to the discharge stream. The gobbling of sticks, mud balls and other detritus is common. Of course your offering should represent something a little more palatable.
    .. The clouds are heavy over the village but clearing. This may be the last rain day for a spell. We're out the door.