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  • Friday, July 27, 2012

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    A Prose Tapestry
    some fly fishing stuff too

    .. It's not just another, (of the myriad,) Yellowstone Fly Fishing books. It is one in a long line of books about fishing in the park.
    .. It's not just another, (of the myriad,) "I did this and so should you!" books.
    .. If anything it's a book that highlights and celebrates Yellowstone National Park. It's a tapestry woven of history, anecdotes, personal experiences, interviews, rumors, legends, and fish stories.
    .. Offered up are fish stories from people who, have fished, and some who continue to fish in Yellowstone National Park. The stories serve to illustrate the rich diversity of any fishing experience in the park. They are the delights of their tellers and their enthusiasm, reverence, joy and pain are all there for us to read.
    .. The intriguing title touts the "50 Best Places." The book covers many more than that.
    .. Fishers who love specific river segments or lake localities are used to illuminate the lore of any single piece of water. The famous and infamous have come forth to share insights and delights: you will recognize many of the names and places - some you won't !!
    .. If this were an early 19th century work it could just as easily be titled "The Personality of Yellowstone's Fly Fishing." It's all there! Bears, Wolves, Monster Fish, Native Americans, Mountain Men, Explorers, Early Visitors, Bandits, Outlaws, Rapine, Tragedy, and Fishing.
    .. Of course there are plenty of illustrations. Certainly there are quite a few tips and tricks about the various waters and the fish inhabiting them. There is even the expected hatch sequences, recommended flies, secret tips and tactics, where to, how to, etc. - it really is all there.
    .. This is a "FAT BOOK" and we strongly recommend that you properly break-in the binding. We also suggest that you buy two. If you love the park and it's fishing you'll quickly wear out the first one.
    .. If you view fishing in Yellowstone National Park as just another catching destination you should avoid this book. If you would like your experiences in the park to be enriched and informed by it's long history and traditions then this is the book for you. It will even help you catch fish.
    .. It's an easy read and one full of everything from gossip to fact. It is readily apparent that the author, (a Montana native son,) is not quite done with the 50 best places. We're sure he'll be back. Perhaps he'll treat us to a sequel.
    ISBN: 0811710513 EAN: 9780811710510 Category: Sports & Recreation / Fishing/Travel / Parks & Campgrounds
    Publisher: Headwater Books, Release Date: 08/01/2012
    Author: Nate Schweber
    Synopsis: The most important hatches and recommended patterns, along with key fishing techniques and the best times of year to fish there. Interviews with a stunning collection of Yellowstone Park veterans in the know, including fly shop owners Bob Jacklin, Craig Mathews, John Juracek, Richard Parks, and John Bailey.
    Writers, including; Tom McGuane, Wild Bill Schneider, and The Drake magazines' Tom Bie. The best spots for Yellowstone cutthroat, westslope cutthroat, Snake River finespotted cutthroat, grayling, rainbows, cuttbows, brown trout, brook trout, mountain whitefish, and Mackinaw lake trout