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  • Friday, February 18, 2011

    The Good Fight

    Please Take Heed
    .. Over the last three weeks we've spent the better part of two months rent on gasoline and motel bills, (and not fished for more than about 6 hours.) We've visited with some friends, neighbors, relatives and politicos.
    .. We've traipsed from door to door and from staffer to staffer. We've visited with elected and appointed officials. We are disheartened and enlightened.
    .. Under normal circumstances Helena, Montana would not be our choice of midwinter destinations; however this is decidedly not normal. The Montana State Legislature is in session, (once every two years,) and our seat of government is burbling with conversation ranging from medical marijuana to fishing in ditches.
    .. Unless you've been asleep at the switch, you know about the ludicrous attempt by the Montana House of Representatives to redefine public water into private water. HB 309 is a top player in any search engine right now. Even blogs and images make the hit list. And they should.
    .. We talked to our Representatives and Senators, (a perquisite of old age,) and visited with many staff persons.
    .. We also visited with some DFWP servants and can now provide you with some enlightening news. The old adage "All politics is local," is the watchword in Helena.
    .. While every person we talked with is acutely aware of the mini maelstrom surrounding this bill, they are also aware of the seeming nonchalance from citizens of the State of Montana and the deep concern of citizens from other states.
    .. It may seem callous to note that there is, apparently, more concern from outside our borders than inside. We are awakened and a bit startled!
    .. Our elected representatives need to hear from the citizens of Montana. Newspapers, Television, Blogs, and other "media" can only spotlight the issue. Citizens, however, must make their voice heard.
    .. If you've never done it before, do it now! Write a letter, make a phone call, (or if you must send an email.) Our legislators need to hear from you. The more personal the form of communication, the more effective it is.
    .. An email works. A letter from a constituent carries more weight. A personal visit is truly a heavy vote. And remember, there are people with a lot more money than us that have daily access to the law makers.
    .. Although not a certainty, it looks like our Senate will drown this obnoxious piece of legislation. Write to your Senators and give them the reasons for doing so. Let them know that the citizens of Montana are as concerned as the citizens from other states.
    .. For an excellent summation of the issue check out "Will Fish For Work." See also the interesting post in Chi Wolf!
    .. Be direct, polite, and informed. Senators listen to cogent arguments: they can use them themselves.
    .. Our Senator in SD 35 is Art Wittich: Phone = 406-444-4800, Email = senatorwittich@montana.com. It's going to be interesting to see the votes of the Senators. We've already seen the votes of the Representatives!