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  • Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    So's You'll Know

    Frankenfishers To Follow ?
    what's next ?

    .. In a June post we noted in our "Pure Shit Department" that transgenic trout would be here before you could blink an eye. It's happening as you read this.
    .. According to a recent post in grist the FDA, (yes, our very own,) is about to accept the new fish as just fine for commercial production. These piscene  freaks are about to hit the waterways because of "Junk Science."
    .. We, (yes you, your neighbors, our neighbors, and us,) have allowed this to progress to the point of no return by failing to take action to protect our fisheries. This is an invasive species of the most heinous type. This is a threat that can't be solved by the cute switch away from felt soles on waders.
    .. When these critters are unleashed in the environment, (despite all assurances to the contrary - can you say Jurassic Park?) they will destroy both fresh water and marine fisheries. This is a situation about to make the BP fuck up fiasco look like child's play.
    .. As pointed out in an excellent blog post by Jill Richardson, ". . .  if sloppy and dishonest science is all that's required to pass a product through the U.S. regulatory system, what other disasters lie in our future?"
    .. Should you, like us, choose to resist this latest bullshit scientific advance, the FDA is accepting comments about it's stupidity decision. The note in the Federal Register a couple of weeks ago directs us to the morass of red tape we need to negotiate to make a comment.
    .. The conscientious efforts of Jill Richardson are laudable and we thank her for a concise statement of the "The Creepy Science Behind Genetically Engineered "Frankenfish" About to Enter Our Food Supply Unlabeled."
    .. In a move that shows great insight into the problem, Washington, Oregon, and Maryland have banned genetically altered fish in order to protect their native species. California on the other hand, is set to issue permits for research and production of similar critters - LINK.
    .. By the way, if you're not of a contrarian mentality like we are, please read the note on the FDA website about all the wonderful advantages that this development will bring to the world. Yes, our very own FDA just loves this stuff and has been touting it for 5 years. Does something smell fishy to you?
    .. Way back in 2006 we noted in a post the attempts of science to produce fish specifically adapted to Yellowstone National Park. That note explored the relationship between the pout fish, ice cream, and life at high temperatures. And the beat goes on!
    .. Change.org and Food & Water Watch have started a petition to curtail this action. This petition takes the form of a letter to the President of the United States. Should you choose to sign the petition to that effect just click on the widget below.
    Petitions by Change.org|Start a Petition »

    .. For their take on the situation read the note HERE.