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  • Monday, July 13, 2009

    Bits & Pieces

    Wild Trout Symposium
    brief fishing report-------
    .. Just up the road: Joshua Bergan, Writer - Editor - Photographer - Fly Fisher.
    .. Fish, write, fish, take pictures, fish, write, get paid! Tough job but someone has to do it. Busy is as busy does:
    -- Troutbugs And Other Digressions [Blog],
    -- Stock Photography [Bugs, Fishers, Fish, etc.],
    -- Biography [Short History, Credentials],
    -- Wilderness Adventures Press [Web Site],
    -- Wilderness Adventures Press [General Store],
    -- Wilderness Adventures Press [River Guides],
    -- Fly Fishing Community [Maps of 1,600+ waters].
    .. Across the pond: The Wild Trout Trust Directors Blog. Infrequent but significant posts. The recently appointed director has not weighed in yet.
    .. The Trout Unlimited website continues to expand and grow. Member postings on the TU Blog include recent notes about: TU's Tom Reed, the disappearing and in peril Roan Plateau Cutthroat trout, and the Colorado Cutthroat Trout Conservation Tour.
    .. Pete McDonald over at Fishing Jones gives us a bit of insight into the history of his upbringing. Words like Zebco and River Runt ring true for those of us without the recent infatuation with fishing. He even shows us "HIS PLACE."
    .. The Invasive Species Weblog points us toward Climate Shifts and the Lionfish in the Caribbean. Should the fisher folk of the world chose to try to eliminate this invasive pest there are recipes for cooking the poisonous invader over at The Nassau Guardian.
    .. The folks over at Big Hole River Journal continue to taunt us with posts about Grayling and where they are being caught, (#1, #2.) We've gone for over a year now with out an adfluvial Grayling in Yellowstone Park. Perhaps we'll walk to Grebe Lake.
    .. The Dates for WILD TROUT X, (The International Wild Trout Symposium,) have been announced. This event now has a blooming website and an unmonitored and wilting forum with very little going on, (it's so full of spam that you could eat it.)
    .. Come to West Yellowstone, Montana September 28-30, 2010 for the symposium.
    .. That's over a year away - why mention it now? Because, in the past the town has had a hard time accommodating the participants of the symposium, and the fall vacationers, and the fisher folks. There are only 4,200 rooms in the motels and they promise to be full.
    .. The symposium has been held about every three years since 1974. It was initially held in Yellowstone National Park. The park has been the most frequent host during the symposia series. Other venues include MSU, Bozeman, and West Yellowstone.
    .. This is a significant event and attracts the top professionals in several disciplines. From fisher folks to biologists, and from managers to policy makers, this event is a gathering place for those in the know and those on the go.
    .. From Lee Wulff To Bud Lilly, and from Bob Behnke to Suzanne Lewis the attendees have been the famous, infamous, celebrated and defiled movers and shakers of the trout world.
    .. The new web site has summaries, photo galleries and proceedings, (in PDF format,) for all meetings. We'll keep you posted as things progress. The call for papers is about to be put forth. The response should be interesting as Yellowstone National Park continues to prefer protection of "wild" trout to the preservation of native trout.

    "Our mission is to provide a forum for professional wild trout biologists and fishery conservationists to interact, to get to know each other in an informal setting, and to be exposed to the latest wild trout status, science, technology and philosophy. These conferences equip participants to better preserve and restore this magnificent but declining resource."
    .. Avoid the crowds! Rumors to the contrary, the Gallatin River is fishing well. The catching is apace with the fishing and very few folks have figured it out - to date.
    .. All the bugs in your box will work right now. Two bugs is better than just one bug. From the Arch to Fan Creek there are little yellow stoneflies. There are also some PMD's and the evening caddis are beginning to make an appearance. The cool rains have slowed the caddis but we expect an eruption in the next 5-8 days.
    .. The heavy willows on Fan Creek are full of Moose and Bears - use caution if you should venture out of the confluence meadow. For that matter, use caution in the confluence meadow too!
    .. The area around the north boundary of the park and down to the Taylor Fork is seeing some good fish as the bigger fins are moving upstream with the receding cold water.
    .. Sweet little Reddish-Brown Parachute Flies should be in your box. So to should a pile of Feather Dusters, Prince Nymphs, and Humpies. Catching will only get better for the next week or so; crowding too!