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  • Wednesday, July 01, 2009

    And, Awaaay We Go

    Enjoy It
    .. This coming weekend will be a bit warm. The crowds will be a bit dense. The rivers will be a bit crowded. The fish stories will be a bit exaggerated. And, a good time will be had by all.
    .. Plan your piscatorial adventures on the west side of the park with care. Although the road closure will be lifted, travel is still a problem along the Gibbon River in the canyon section. There will be fisher folks, animals, and mobile condominiums on this narrow stretch of road. Please be very careful in this part of the park.
    .. If you are in West Yellowstone for lunch or dinner don't forget about the free side order of B-B-Q beans at the Firehole Grill.
    .. Places where fishing will be good -- AND crowded:
    -- Firehole River
    -- Madison River
    -- Gardiner River
    -- Gibbon River, (below Norris Campground)
    -- Trout Lake
    .. Places where fishing will be good -- AND less crowded:
    -- Firehole River, (along the Lone Star Geyser trail)
    -- Firehole River, (between Firehole Falls & Madison River)
    -- Little Firehole River
    -- Iron Spring Creek
    -- Nez Perce Creek, (better above the first bridge)
    -- Gibbon River, (between Norris Campground and Virginia Cascade)
    -- Obsidian Creek
    -- Solfatara Creek, (in the little canyon)
    .. Places where fishing will be good -- AND nearly empty:
    -- Gibbon River, (along the Grebe Lake trail)
    -- Fan Creek, (in the first willow meadow and above the first rapids)
    -- Duck Creek, (above the first mosquito marsh)
    -- Grayling Creek, (at the lake & at the park line)
    -- Bacon Rind Creek, (in and above the first willow meadow)
    -- Gallatin River, (above the Fan Creek Confluence)
    -- Bechler River, (full of flies and mosquitoes)
    -- Falls River, (more flies and mosquitoes)
    -- Boundary Creek, (even more mosquitoes)
    -- Heart Lake
    -- Grebe Lake, (at and above the inlet)
    -- Snake River, (in the Thorofare)
    -- Hellroaring Creek
    -- Trail Creek
    -- Straight Creek, (in the tangled downfall)
    -- Winter Creek, (by the little cascades)
    -- Mountain Creek
    -- Pebble Creek, (upstream from campground)
    -- Slough Creek, (along the sagebrush flats - with the wolves and bears)

    .. The weather is going to cooperate for the long weekend. Clouds, thunder storms, wind, and mild temperatures are predicted for the weekend. Not necessarily good picnic weather - but great fishing weather.
    .. Be sure to check our Yellowstone Fishing Weather link for real-time radar and thunderstorm information.
    click on image for larger view
    .. By Monday or Tuesday the Summer weather will probably hit its stride. July promises to be a bit hotter than in recent years. This weekend looks like the last of the Spring fishing weather -- and it's going to be great.
    .. Fishing is continuing apace in the northern part of Yellowstone National Park. For the latest information keep an eye on Parks' Fly Shop Reports.
    .. West side reports at Blue Ribbon Flies and Madison River Outfitters are current and very informative. Bud Lilly's has been keeping track of Hebgen Lake. For regional reports of western Montana just blip on over to Chi Wulff.
    .. The fishing so far this season has been just shy of stupendous. The weather and water has cooperated after the early pendulum of runoff peaks and we've gotten an extra couple of weeks of pretty snappy catching this year. Don't get used to it.
    .. Time to kiss a fish!