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  • Saturday, June 06, 2009

    It's Just Neighborly

    Belly Burpin' Good
    beans of the gods
    short fishing report too
    .. The neighbors chew on us occasionally for revealing secrets or supposed secrets. "Hey dude, leave us a little too," and such. And it's true, there's much that is local and hidden about this corner of Montana.
    .. One secret that needs to be told, however, is the food at the Geyser Grill. We ran a post a while back that mentioned this place. The owner remarked to us that a customer had seen the note on our site. When the conversation was concluded we realized that the offer of a special treat for our readers had been proffered.
    .. Here it is: THE GEYSER GRILL'S JUNE/JULY FLY FISHER SPECIAL - when you order your meal just mention this post and get a free side order of beans. This is a kind and generous offer and we appreciate it.
    .. This restaurant has undergone several ownership changes in the past few years and has not developed a consistent following because of it. The reviews in the Trip Adviser are an example and reflect the inconsistent quality of past offerings. They also reflect the current offerings.
    .. This is Texas Bar-B-Que of the finest order. No shortcuts!
    .. This is a place for meat lovers. Ribs, Brisket and Beans are the house specialty. The sauce is served on the side and should be treated as the condiment that it is. You will not find your plate drenched with a sauce designed to disguise the subtle flavors infused into the meat.
    .. The beans are unadorned. They retain the flavor of beans - a novel approach. They have a broth that is full of smoky and delicate aromas that tickle the nose and gather substance as they are savored on the palate.
    .. The Bar-B-Que sauce is excellent, vinegar based, pungent, and should be used sparingly. It's about the meat, not the sauce. Of course you may also need to add some salt and pepper to suit your palate.
    .. We enjoy our ribs with a cold coke. Beer is the favorite of most of the neighbors. The brisket can stand alone with just a bit of cold Whiskey Springs water. Wine of the full-bodied variety will go well with either.
    .. Stop in and visit with these Texans. Enjoy the slower pace of southern hospitality in a town full of the rush of vacationers. Sit on the porch and watch the sunset, (or the looming thunderheads coursing over the continental divide.) Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner you should enjoy this local secret.
    click map for larger image

    .. We admit to returning to town for the midday thundersnow yesterday. We just plumb got tuckered out from dodging elbows on the Firehole River. Catching is good and continuing to improve. This could be a banner year for catching. The fish have had several soft winters and the bug factories have not suffered the depredations of lengthy deep freezes.
    .. One of our famous neighbors showed us an image of a grand fish taken in the Firehole Canyon below the falls. The fish ate a grotesquely large and silly fly. This is not to say that the big bugs are here in any numbers, but it is indicative of the rapid pace of improved catching conditions.
    .. There is also a stretch of the Madison River that is a bit buggy right now. Referred to as the "backside" at 7-mile Bridge, there is a caddis hatch in progress. Park at the Gneiss Creek parking area and walk, (scramble,) downstream and fish across from the picnic area. It's a damn nuisance, but then, most good catching spots are.