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  • Thursday, July 03, 2008

    Happy Yellowstone Fourth

    Yellowstone Roads Crowded
    yellowstone fish hungry
    .. The weekend will be a bit warm. The crowds will be a bit dense. The rivers will be a bit crowded. The fish stories will be a bit exaggerated. And, a good time will be had by all.
    .. Places where fishing will be good -- AND crowded:
    -- Firehole River
    -- Madison River
    -- Gardiner River
    -- Gibbon River, (below Norris Campground)
    -- Trout Lake
    .. Places where fishing will be good -- AND less crowded:
    -- Firehole River, (along the Lone Star Geyser trail)
    -- Firehole River, (between Firehole Falls & Madison River)
    -- Little Firehole River
    -- Iron Spring Creek
    -- Nez Perce Creek
    -- Gibbon River, (between Norris Campground and Virginia Cascade)
    -- Obsidian Creek
    -- Solfaterra Creek
    .. Places where fishing will be good -- AND nearly empty:
    -- Gibbon River, (along the Grebe Lake trail)
    -- Fan Creek
    -- Duck Creek
    -- Grayling Creek
    -- Bacon Rind Creek
    -- Gallatin River, (above the Fan Creek Confluence)
    -- Bechler River
    -- Falls River
    -- Boundary Creek
    -- Heart Lake
    -- Grebe Lake
    -- Snake River, (in the Thorofare)
    -- Hellroaring Creek
    -- Trail Creek
    -- Mountain Creek
    -- Pebble Creek
    -- Slough Creek, (along the sagebrush flats)

    .. The weather is going to cooperate for the long weekend. Clouds, thunder storms, wind, and mild temperatures are predicted for the weekend. Not necessarily good picnic weather - but great fishing weather.
    .. By Monday the Summer weather will hit its stride. July promises to be a bit hotter than in recent years. This weekend looks like the last of the Spring fishing weather -- and it's going to be great.

    .. We note that Jeff Kennedy has featured the Feather Duster in his post for yesterday. This is most apropos. The Eagle family celebrated 100 years in business, in West Yellowstone, last week.
    .. An open house, 300 former employees, and nearly 100 family and relatives graced West Yellowstone with their presence. The stories were rich and varied -- you should have been here.
    .. Sam Eagle was the first licensed guide in Yellowstone, Wally Eagle developed the Feather Duster using ostrich plumes from the store's dusters. The fly shop has been in continuous operation for just over 90 years. It features both fly fishing gear and tackle for other disciplines as well.
    .. Icons and legends such as Bob Jacklin, Bud Lilly, and Craig Mathews have all worked in the shop.
    .. In honor of the Eagle's anniversary, and our nation's independence we're going to fish only Feather Duster's for the next week.
    .. They are an amazingly versatile fly. Big and sunken they work wonders in the spring and through the salmonfly hatch. Little and sunken they are just as effective as a Prince Nymph or a Yellowstone Badger. They can be greased and floated through a whole cycle of either caddis or mayfly hatches. The color variants can imitate eggs, and other groceries that a trout is interested in.
    .. Thanks to Jeff Kennedy for the wonderful rendition. And special thanks to the Eagle family for giving us an enduring fly fishing tradition and a wonderful fly.

    .. Jack Dennis Sports has revamped their web site and it is very comprehensive. Click HERE for the report.
    .. Fishing is continuing apace in the northern part of Yellowstone National Park. For the latest information keep an eye on Parks Fly Shop Reports.
    .. West side reports at Blue Ribbon Flies and Madison River Outfitters are current and very informative. Bud Lilly's has been keeping track of Hebgen Lake. The fishing is just shy of stupendous.
    .. Time to kiss a fish!