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  • Monday, July 14, 2008

    Tomorrow's The (opening) Day


    Or Slough Creek
    or soda butte
    we're going to the gallatin
    .. The quicksand near Buffalo Ford promises to be treacherous right now. The depth of the river may force fishers to seek new "favorite" places. The clarity is good but the fish population has more water to explore. All-in-all it looks like opening day on the Yellowstone River will be a technical challenge -- to say the least. Big Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout will reward the observant fisher. This will be a week when hunting is the best metaphor for fishing.
    .. Spawning is still underway in the redd water and if you can see the fish it's probably best to aim your fly somewhere else. Dark holes next to the bank, and back eddy swirls can be fished with Yellow Woolly Worms, very dark purple Woolly Buggers, or a sunken Elk Hair Caddis. Flies on the large size will look like welcome groceries to the hungry cutts of the Yellowstone River. Look for the fishing to improve toward the end of the week and through next week as well. Yellowstone Lake has crested and the prospects for "fishing weather" are good for about 10 days.
    .. The largest trout will be feeding on sunken fisher-folk. Wading is best left to the young of leg and stout of heart.
    .. Slough Creek is going to attract the best fishers this week. Hope springs eternal that there will be a calm, overcast, day. If so, second meadow will be productive. The remote pools in the sagebrush flats below the campground are fishing well to beetles, caddis, and small blue woolly buggers. The lonesome walk through the sage is worth it for those who don't have to fish the 'glory holes' of the fabled meadows.
    .. Pebble Creek is surprisingly low, and it's worth a walk from the campground road to the little water down the slight incline. There are fish and some belie the size of the water. The larger fish will move down and out in the next 10-12 days so get there now for the surprise of your fishing day.
    .. Soda Butte Creek is a bit frothy, and the confluence meadows are still a bit spongy, but there are fish to be had and, if the weather holds, this could be the hot destination in the Lamar River Drainage for the coming weekend.
    .. Fishing on the Madison River has been excellent and promises to continue to be so. The subsurface fishing conditions are just about perfect and when there is hatch it's hard to complain. The glorious 'picnic weather' has dampened the prospects for continuous PMD hatches. Compensation, however, comes in the form of exceptional evening caddis hatches and flotsam gulping trout. There is a plethora of bugs on the water starting about 6:00 PM and continuing to well after dark. Remember that dinner is best served after 10:00 PM. The hour before dark and the hour after it are the hot times for the Madison River right now. Yellowstone Park fishing regulations allow fishing until 10:00 PM.
    .. The sparse salmonfly hatch is continuing at a snails pace and it's still possible to dredge up a giant in the early morning with a Silli-Legs or Yellowstone Sally. Big slicks behind exposed rocks hold fish until the sun is on the water.
    .. The Firehole River is beginning to warm up and the mid day fishing is slowing along with the temperature rise. The picnic area on the spit at the confluence of Nez Perce Creek is lush, green, deep, and buggy. Fish some terrestrials downstream from the confluence during the mid day lull.
    .. Nez Perce Creek continues to run with a bit of color but is immanently fishable. The high flows have keep fish in the river and the abundance of snags makes for excellent small streamer fishing.
    .. The meadows above Virginia Cascade on the Gibbon River are full of small fish. They are hungry and eat anything on the surface, (sizes 12, 14, 16,) even in the bright light of the mid day sun.
    .. The footpaths along Obsidian Creek are less trampled than normal for this time of year. The fish in this little stream have been neglected by fishers and visitors. The poor little Brook Trout are in desperate need of attention and will dance with anything that is even slightly attractive. A 3-weight rod with a 4-weight level line and a lot of knee time should bring a fish per cast if you're worth your salt.
    .... Up the hill, over the divide, and down the Gallatin River the hint of rapid fire catching is beginning to quicken the hearts of the neighbors. The water has warmed to 'bug temps' and the flows have slowed to clear and chrystal in the meanders of the meadows. The coming week should see less places to park but more fish to catch.
    .. Very nice photos at "A LIFE INTERRUPTED BY FISHING."
    .. Pete, over at FISHING JONES is in Florida enjoying both the fishing and the invasive species that have taken over the land, (and water,) scape.
    .. HDW-mobile has take up the discussion of the problems with the Pebble Mine. The call, (from vacation in France,) cites both the Trout Underground and Buster Wants To Fish. Word does spread.
    ..There is obvious joy over at THE HORSE'S MOUTH. Striper fishing brings smiles to a beautiful young woman and her fly rod. Check it out.