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  • Thursday, March 20, 2008

    Flock It

    New Browser Wants To Be #1
    no grins and fins today
    .. Not that we're unhappy with Firefox; not that we love Safari; not that we despise IE, not that we will miss Netscape; -- BUT -- Flock offers an interesting approach to browser configuration.
    .. If you're a social animal, if you have a news or feed reader, if you read several blogs: then Flock may have the answers for your style of surfing.
    .. With an interface both similar to what you're using, and refreshingly different, the browser offers some flexibility that may enhance your surfing.
    .. Now that support for Netscape has ended, and with Mozilla hogging resources, and with IE continuing to avoid W3c standards, and with Safari continuing to demand keystrokes; perhaps there is room for 'one more browser.'
    Money Quote:
    People use the Web today in extremely different ways than they did a decade ago. However, web browsers - the application at the center of all that we do online - has not kept pace with these changes in online behavior.

    Flock was founded on the vision that the web browser can and should enable the richest user experience possible across information-gathering, sharing, communication, self-expression and interaction.

    Every individual has their own unique preference for favorite sites, utilities, media and friends. Flock’s philosophy is to deliver a more personal experience of the web, where its users are in control and more connected to what they value. Flock is committed to working with our vibrant community and best of breed partners to allow users to be everywhere they care about, from one single place.

    Flock’s vision reaches far beyond the currently available version of our browser. As the Web continues to evolve, Flock believes that an important opportunity exists to push the boundaries of browser innovation. We will continue to be champions of open-standards, and strive to continually deliver unique, innovative and meaningful user experiences made possible only from within the browser.
    .. Although the browser is billed as a social web browser, it does provide many of the advantages of a news reader and search engine in one. It also has integrated email, photo capabilities, and "BLOG FROM BROWSER" features. The "My World" tab is a series of columns that you fill with feeds, sites, media, and/or other catagories as the widgets become available. They are all present and available at a single click. Right now the width of the columns is not adjustable -- BUT -- three fit nicely on a full screen. Sites, Feeds, and Flikr/Picasa make a useful combination.
    .. If you're on the web a lot of the time and would like an encyclopedic index of the places you go and the feeds you read, AND, if you want them available NOW! -- Flock may be for you. The times -- they are 'a changin'.
    .. It's from Redwood City, and just won a major award at SXSW in Austin Texas; credentials any geek will recognize. You can download it for free HERE.
    Click on the screen shots for better view