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  • Thursday, March 06, 2008

    Cure For The Blahs

    Now There Are Three
    .. Even fly fishers get the BLAHS. When it happens here, we usually first turn to either the Trout Underground or The Horse's Mouth for pleasant diversion and good information. Now we can add the Best Fly Fishing Yellowstone Blog to our top three escapes into other points of view and fresh perspectives.
    .. Each of these offerings has undergone evolutionary change and advanced through time. The erudition and scope of coverage of these three blogs is superlative. The information is timely and concise. The writing is at worst very readably, and at best a joy.
    .. Years ago regional blogging was quick and dirty. Today some still is: but not these. As a "good read" these are worth your time - as are the others in our sidebar. Of course they all reflect our very idiosyncratic personal preference, yet they continue to provide a catholic perspective that is often missing in the minutiae of the reportage in regional news. We salute these efforts and continue to look forward to their posts. We hope that you do too.
    .. There has been a surge in awareness of invasive species during the last 6 - 10 months. Much of this awareness has been due to the efforts of the Protect Your Waters website. This excellent site is a classic example of just how good our government can be: dedicated public servants, working with a focus and purpose that many private corporations should envy.
    .. The site is part of the ANS Task Force, and is a cooperative venture of 10 federal agencies including the United States Coast Guard, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
    .. The list of partners supporting this effort is impressive, and the results of the information campaign are very rewarding. Ranging from clubs and federal agencies, through state agencies and tribal governments, to schools, businesses, and blogs there is an impressive array of "Names We All Know" that are aiding the effort to become informed about invasive species and the possible ways of combating their threat to fishing and the environment.
    .. Protect Your Waters provides frequent email alerts on news and efforts in this arena. To keep informed is a simple matter: just go to THE SITE, scroll down on the right and enter your email address. This is a spam-free mailing list and you can rest assured that there will soon appear news of interest in your email.
    .. In the "Plan Ahead Department," (and as a special nod to Tom 'Bamboo' Chandler,) we offer this Bamboo Vest.
    .. It's a Deung Guri, a Koreen undergarment made of finely split bamboo. It is usually worn in the summertime under silk to permit circulation of air. This is just the ticket for the sweltering warmth of summer fishing. And look at all the places to hang a zinger upon - or - tweezers? - forceps? - magnifying glass? - fly box? - gad, the possibilities are endless.