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  • Saturday, June 23, 2007

    Bad News - Good News

    [where there's water]

    Gibbon OK Above The Falls [better above norris]
    Madison Fair [wait 'till evening]
    {go elsewhere for now}
    == The Bad News ==

    .. Well, the Fat Lady has sung her song on the Firehole River. Morning and evening catching is fair to poor, mid-day nymphing is poor, hatches are present but the fish are sluggish, the cooler side creeks and tributaries are warming up as well. Unless it's imperative that you catch a fish on the Firehole River - give the fish a break! We look for an official closure if the warm weather and low flows continue.
    .. The Fat Lady is waiting in the wings for the Madison River. The growth of aquatic vegetation is accelerating rapidly; this depletes the oxygen as it slows the river. Some evening catching can be anticipated in the narrow, riffled, and deep sections. Another week will tell the tale. Caddis is the name of the game now. These flies will come off until dark, (Yellowstone Park fishing closes at 10:00 PM.) Should we get a cold or even cool overcast day there may still be some Baetis in the offing.
    .. The Gibbon River has a fine crop of active smaller fish. The sections around Norris Campground and Virginia Cascade are still a viable catching situation with fish to 12" still active. We haven't caught our annual Grayling yet and hope that this is not a harbinger of things to come.
    .. Nez Perce Creek has succumbed to the warm spell as well. You'll have to walk a good two miles to reach the narrow and aerated waters of the bridge ford and above. Caddis are hatching all day right now, and the catching is good. Don't spend too much time at any one place. Just stroll and fish.
    == The Good News ==
    .. The Gallatin River is in great shape and this early warming has brought out the bugs and the fish. The low discharge makes the holes very apparent. Try a Yellowstone Sally, a rubber legs, or a Montana Duster as the stoneflies invade the park, (sizes 10 - 14.) This is a good river for your favorite attractor patterns. A Royal Wulff, Humpy, Stimulator, or anything else in the box. Walk around and fish the pools below the riffles. Be a careful observer of the transitions from sun to shade and you may be surprised with a 14" fish from under the bank. Caddis are starting to hatch about 2:00 PM and continue until dusk, (sizes 12 - 16.) There seems to be a good recruitment of little rainbows this year. Treat them gently and they may grow up.
    .. The short stretch of Fan Creek from it's confluence with the Gallatin River to the first meadow is holding some larger fish in the pools and the undercuts banks. Drift your favorite nymph, (bead head preferred,) with only your leader on the water. Stealth is important in this thin water.
    .. There are also some fish in the meadow section of Bacon Rind Creek. It's a gentle walk and it's beautiful in the morning. Try it early before you drive on down the Gallatin.
    .. After a brief absence, (including last Friday, - but they got it right this Friday,) The Horse's Mouth returns with a flurry of posts and an absolutely beautiful fish picture, (the woman is only gorgeous.)
    .. Click on over to Flytimes for a fantastic photo of the channeled scablands and some insight into bass fishing in the steppe of Washington.
    .. The joys of flying and fishing are briefly told to us by Pete over at Fishing Jones . . . not all that's evil turns out bad.
    .. Marshall over at MidCurrent alerts us to the state of poaching in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. It's an insight into more than just the slaughter of salmon.

    <<-- Have you seen this fisherman? It seems that there is a new fashion statement being set on the Upper Sac. Cute!

    .. It's beginning to spread to the mad minds at Moldy Chum; All because of a brief post at The Trout Underground.