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  • Saturday, June 09, 2007

    Back In Action

    Bikini Wars & Taste
    Extreme Aerial Bowfishing
    fishing report too

    .. We resorted to in-home repair and fumigation to return our electric dragon to prime condition. However, that's no guarantee that the posting will improve.
    .. We are a bit surprised that the Bikini Wars are returning. Get Outdoors is all weepy because an obscure post at MarineNetwork.net selected three babes that were not in keeping with the high cultural and aesthetic standards of the Bay Area.
    .. We note that physical attributes and beer seem to cloud their minds as well as ours. Interestingly, the finest assortment of real-live-fishing-wahinies is in their backyard. Each Friday, and frequently more often, there are gorgeous women posted at The Horses Mouth.
    ..We've done the research for you; just click here to see real fishing, (and other types of,) wahinies. It makes our day; it's become a Friday ritual - just before biscuits and gravy.
    .. We are aghast to learn that the new 'sport' of EXTREME AERIAL BOWFISHING is rapidly gaining adherents along the Illinois River. Just what are those poor invasive Asian Carp going to do? For a video clip of just how they do it in the Midwest visit the CHICAGOBOYZ site.
    .. Steve Carson at THE FISH SNIFFER has discovered an excellent fishery in Northern California. It seems that the Sacramento River holds trout - "who'd'a thunk it?" We wonder if there are any fly fishers in the vast underpopulated wasteland of Norcal. We'll search the web and report back.
    .. Hebgan Lake is still fishing well near the shore. Just about any location with some structure and a bit of mud nearby will produce trout to 14" with ease and if you're good with a streamer, (the neighbors are using dark purple Woolly Buggers - size 4 - 10,) there are still some giants in the 16" - 18" range at The Narrows, and the South Fork Estuary.
    .. Between The Lakes there are still a few large fish and some late spawners. We'd leave them alone for one more week, and then fish from shore.
    .. Cabin Creek is down a bit with a bit of color. Use general attractors for these fish in the shallow riffles and try caddis nymphs, (Jacklin's Rock Worm, Hare's Ear, Prince,) in the deeper pools.
    .. There are still a few nice fish in Beaver Creek. Discharge has slowed and the water is clear from Quake Lake to about 1/2 mile above the road. Caddis can be found hatching in the warm evenings, (sizes 10 - 16,) and on the cool days try a small brown or yellow Woolly Worm, (size 12 or 14 - sink it or float it.)
    .. The weather and dirty water are making the Yellowstone River near Gardiner an iffy proposition right now. Check with Park's Fly Shop for updates. Fishing should bust loose there by next week, or shortly thereafter.
    .. Unlike the west side of Yellowstone, the south side is still having a near normal runoff event. The Snake River is it's normal rambunctious self and fishing will be difficult for another week or 10 days.
    .. Visit Jack Dennis' Shop for first hand information and tips on flies and locations. Right now the best Snake River fishing is right below Jackson Lake dam. Attractors like Humpies and Elk Hair Caddis will work to rising fish, use Prince or Pheasant Tail nymphs if you're of that persuasion.
    .. The Firehole River continues to perform admirably and predictably. When the clouds are low and the morning fair PMD's are on the menu. As the day brightens surface action continues to just about any size 12 - 16 fly. Nymphs are working in the riffles and, if floated through the shallow pools. Stoneflies are present but not overwhelming yet, use a Yellowstone Cinch or a Yellowstone Morning Glory on the top, and a Yellowstone Winter Grub down below. Spice things up with a Feather Duster or one of it's variants and you should do fine. The Canyon Section is heating up to Salmonflies, and the meadows below Biscuit Basin are producing good evening caddis hatches.
    .. Nez Perce Creek is fishing very good from the confluence with the Firehole River to about the Bridge Ford. Walking along the faintly visible Mary Mountain Army Road is pleasant and salubrious. Few people go as far as the ford, and the eager fish along here are most happy to please. During this stroll it is advisable to keep fingering your bear spray as you sing the most off-tune song you know.
    .. The fish in this stretch are not big, and a 12" fish will seem like a giant compared to the usual offerings of eight-incher's, (despair not; on a good day it's lightening fast action.) The section above the road is running a bit cool for this time of year but is fishing well. The Hotel Run has some nice fish to 16" and the PMD's have been later in the day than on the Firehole River. There is a very heavy caddis hatch starting about 5:30 - 6:30 PM and continuing until dark:30, (about 9:45.) By the time most of the visitors have hit the pub, the surface of this stretch is dimpled with eager fish - don't let on that we said anything.
    .. The Madison River continues to shine. Because of the low runoff this river has fished better - earlier, than recent memory recalls. Just about any stretch is fishy. From 7-mile Bridge to National Park Meadows the Salmonflies are popping - but probably not for long. Consistent hatches of PMD's are still in the offing on gray mornings, the Caddis seem to be an all day and most of the night affair right now. A few BWO's are present if you're lucky enough to bump into them. Below 7-mile bridge the long riffles continue to fish well to generalized stonefly imitations, many of the neighbors are using Rubber Legs and Woolly Buggers to good advantage. Large, (size 6 - 10,) bead head Prince Nymphs are also worth flinging.
    .. The Gibbon River is still a bit cold, but warming rapidly. It's just perfect for our annual Grayling quest. Right now the Brookies around Virginia Cascade are very hungry. There are Grayling here too. We're on our way now. Report on this and Obsidian Creek to follow.
    .. Visitors to West Yellowstone should avoid the south end of town at all costs. The new 300-unit time-share, and the new 80-room motel have construction debris strewn out all over the roads. Traffic is snarled in the vicinity of McDonald's and the Grizzly discovery center. Wander this way at your own peril.