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  • Friday, April 13, 2007

    Yellowstone Fishing Secret #37

    WAKE UP CALL(photos courtesy THE HORSES MOUTH)

    .. It's Friday and we get to fish. But before we do here's a secret ritual that happens every Friday in Yellowstone country: the neighbors all travel, (virtually of course,) to San Francisco and visit THE HORSE'S MOUTH.
    .. It's a bit of a reality check before we gather at the coffee emporium and plan the day. The site is full of fishy things - and other notes about the happenings in 'The City:' sailing, surfing, and other sea side material.
    .. Mostly it's a photo blog and always entertains. The pictures are nice, the captions are occasionally riotous. The FISH ON FRIDAY feature is what has drawn the neighbors to this site,(it surely has nothing to do with the women in scanty attire.) And we know that the videos of the bikinis are simply extraneous fodder for surfers. Perhaps it's the secret video about how to charm fish into your boat without any bait, flies, or finesse. Whatever the the reasons, we enjoy this fishing secret and the neighbors do too.
    .. This and other Friday 'secret sites' provide us with coffee chatter and conversation to start the day. It's a ritual that never fails to amuse, entertain, and occasionally provide insight - we enjoy it and thought that your would too. It's not a big secret, and it's not even a secret anymore.
    .. This secret has been revealed in the face of strong opposition and death threats from some of the neighbors. It seems that they feel that this is their very own secret site - well that's the way it goes. Fishers of all stripes should enjoy this ritual, and we thank this mildly dyslexic blogger for taking the time and effort to bring us a bit of humor and beauty. With this revelation comes a spot of dubious honor in our "Excellent Links" section in the sidebar - neighbors be damned!
    .. It's 8 AM, the day is bright overcast with a gently wafting north breeze. It's only zero degrees, and about as balmy as we can expect. Fishing promises to be fruitful and rewarding. We're venturing into bear country - just down the road, and expect that the South Fork Estuary, (sorry, no map, the neighbors will only let me go so far,) will be a productive bit of water. Rumor, (substantiated by several loudmouths,) has it that streamers are taking post spawn Brown Trout to 3# - however long that is. And worms are working on the really big fish - oh dear!