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  • Saturday, April 07, 2007

    Spring Weather: Clear & Cold

    grass is greener here
    .. Cruising home without a bug on the windshield is one indication of the success, (or lack thereof,) of an outing to the local troutery. It does happen, even in paradise.
    .. As we returned from a visit to the mouth of Beaver Creek, (see map,) our musings strayed first to the joys of solitary fishing, which hadn't happened, and then to the nature of paradise. Oh, there was a fish caught - two actually, but the adventure was rather pedestrian - having to share such meager success with the neighbors and their fish buckets and garden hackle.
    .. Our musing on the drive home produced a question: 'Just what is paradise?' How do we find it? A private paradise, king of the realm, master of the universe, fish in every direction, salubrious weather, no bugless windshields, no driving to the water, no ten foot snow drifts, no long underwear. Is there such a place? Of course there is: VATU VARA!
    .. Now there's a paradise: assured privacy, remote yet accessible, within our means, good neighborhood, and it's available. We could own an island.
    .. We're going to call our new best friend Cheyenne Morrison.
    "Say, 'SHY,' heard that lonely ol' rock is on the market again." -- "Really; sand fleas?" -- "What's the 10-year hurricane forecast look like?" -- "No, not that many! Oh, global warming, huh?" -- "What invasive species?" -- "C'mon, the damn thing's a petunia!" -- "What'cha mean the infestation?"
    .."Oh, and the lagoons are that warm? And the fish went where?" -- "What kind of fungus and mold?" -- "Not in your underwear? Really? Chlorine and Clorox?" -- "What kind of bug? Protected? EATS WHAT!" -- "Pincers? How big? Toxin?" -- "Oh not that kind of crab. Them too?"

    .. "Are those evening breezes still a delightful surprise every day? What's a doldrums? E-gad, and the well went dry?" -- "But can't you use desalination? HOW MUCH? You just have to be kidding! Import it from Israel? French duty on what kind of technology? A license fee? Every year?"
    .. "Well how's the beach looking?" -- "Disappeared? Oh that global thing again, huh?" -- "ROCKS? No more sand? That much?" -- "What kind of bird? They're big! Bite? No guns? Nesting sites? No development? But that's the cabana site! Oh, not now eh?" -- "The turtles what? Can't go on that part of the island either? Who can? But not the owner?"
    .. "MEL WHO? Really, only 35 km? Don't like him there either?" -- "Thinking of selling? That bad? His son?" -- "What about ol' Emori? He still there? Still own the grocery store on the next island?" - "What, the whole damn thing washed away? Groceries and all? But . . . , oh another 40 miles, and what kind of tax?" -- "No gasoline for the generator? -- What's that mean? Ahhhh, generator rusted because of the salt air; got it!" -- "New storage tank regulation? How small? Weekly deliveries, that's insane! Environmental what? Down there? Oh, well"
    .. "What lawsuit? Displaced local Fiji residents? How much? King Who? And the boat he came on . . . can't be true! Prison? Extradition?" -- "Foreign national permit? For fishing? Daily? In U.S. Dollars?"
    .. "Well, 'SHY' it was good talking to ya, hope you pawn that pile off on some unsuspecting billionaire. Sure, next time you're up this way. It's not bad. Went up to Beaver Creek and caught a couple of fish. No, about 16" nothing remarkable. John says hi, take care."

    Bugless windshields are a genuine indicator of paradise!