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  • Saturday, December 30, 2006

    Home From The Sea

    The Tying Bench Looms
    maggots are missing
    blogs are blogging
    it's good to be home
    .. Precipitation in its whiter forms is far more salubrious than in its drenching forms. We enjoyed the fishing, the old friends and some new friends but the wet was as wet as anyone can remembered.
    .. The old adage about rain and steelhead seems true, and there were some fine fish caught. But it's good to be home.
    .. Thanks to all for the continued visits to the intermittent posts. The site statistics showed a constant dribble of visitors; and the votes for rivers show that we will fish some less glorified waters - come Spring. Just our Cup 'O Tea.
    .. The sledhead season is in full swing in Yellowstone Country. Snarling snowmachines are buzzing around town like angry hornets, and running over each other and pedestrians. On a sadder note a couple of deaths have been noted in avalanches on the back side of Lionshead Mountain - and it's not yet January.
    .. Fishing is good outside Yellowstone National Park. The Madison River between the lakes is producing some large fish for those willing to wade through belly deep snow.
    ..Ice fishing is just getting started on Hebgen Lake and the town is already suffering a maggot shortage. Meal worms are always in short supply given the large number of pet lizards in town so the folks with their ice augers are using bits of night crawler and red worms for the excitement of string-in-hole fishing.
    .. Winter at the bench will include about 200 dozen flies of the mundane variety and a few orders for some classics. Materials are again available after the bird flu scare, and the kind folks in Reddich have sent us a couple gross of hooks.

    .. The ankle deep snow of the El Nino Winter, in and around the environs of Mt. Shasta, has prompted THE TROUT UNDERGROUND to provide us with a telling picture of some frost and a fly rod - NICE!
    .. Here's one in a similar vein from the photographer's blog of Jim Levison.
    .. There are also some very well done winter fly fishing photos at the Global FlyFisher about Danish Winter. The "Gallery" section presents us with an excellent picture-story about fishing in winter and its many rewards.
    .. The "INNY OF THE YEAR AWARD" goes to Moldy Chum for their Flesh-O-Rama photo of "SKINNY WATER."
    .. The Invasive Species Weblog reminds us that we should keep our minds on our soles. They posted a note about felt soles on waders being impossible to disinfect - thus posing a means of transport for invasive organisms.
    .. The bay-area blog Get Outdoors has rediscovered fishing in the form of the "Rocket Fishing Rod." Just the thing for urban commandos and the wily gutter trout.
    .. Protect Your Waters has been keeping us current with the latest in signage efforts by concerned citizens and government in Plum Lake, Wisconsin.