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  • Sunday, June 30, 2013

    This Bug's For You

    Caddis In The Rain ?
    4th of July in Yellowstone
    The Full Meal Deal: Vitamin B For Us, Bugs For Them
    .. As you read this the fishing and catching in our region is about as good as it gets - for Summer.
    Famous Sign
    .. The Salmonfly bloom is extensive but not yet too intensive on the lowland Madison River. Fish are eating them in the water and on the water. They are also eating Caddis Flies, Golden Stone Flies, and each other.
    .. The cooling afternoon showers have not deterred the caddis from hatching if the day is bright to begin with. Spectacular evening fishing to the enormous caddis hatches should continue for another month or so - even in the rain.
    .. If you like 'em small there are also PMD's, BWO's and even a mysterious greenish mayfly - it seems larger than the others.
    .. Hebgan Lake is very productive in the early morning with both midges and Trico's. By mid morning, (on still days,) the gulpers are beginning. The bugs will get more dense and more ear-filling as the month grinds on. Evening on the lake can be spectacular with leaches and streamers in the Calibaetis weeds, (particularly around Rainbow Point and Whiskey Bay.)
    .. The tributary estuaries on the lake are holding cruising pods of trout that are very willing to take a properly presented, (trolled or stripped,) streamer. Herky-Jerky is the name of the game here. Dances will test your footwork and legerdemain.
    .. If you're not a lake fisher - perhaps now is the time to try it. Success not guaranteed.
    .. Nez Perce Creek has received an influx of early migrating fish from the Firehole River. Fans of the latter already know that mid-day temps are stifling, (80° F, spikes,) for the fish.
    .. Given the cooling showers it may be fishable for another week or so in the mornings - we're leaving it alone after 9:00 AM.
    Get Here Early
    .. Nez Perce Creek, on the other hand, will reward folks that are willing to walk and carry bear spray. The sort of reward? Catching active fish seeking the cold springs and dark hides of the cooler water. Get thee to the bridge and catching shall be delightful. Evening is good. Morning  is better. Mid-day sucks.
    .. The Gibbon River is exhibiting it's typical Summer schizoid nature. Above the cascades is still a great place for kids and leisurely fishing for eager Brookies. The big and little upland meadows require some small measure of stealth. Streamers are still a viable option.
    .. If there is a couple of cool nights the canyon and lower meadows may produce a few dances. Temperatures have risen rapidly this year below Norris Geyser Basin and have curtailed some of the catching opportunities.
    Gallatin Access
    .. We're stupefied at the lack of fishing pressure on the Gallatin River in Yellowstone National Park. Not disappointed at all, just stupefied.
    .. Catching is great with caddis in the evening. Catching is plumb crazy all day long with nymphs in the clear pools and soft hackles in the riffles. Parking is easy. Walking is simple. What more is there? The stonefly parade is beginning to invade the northern boundary of the park and there's not often any elbows. Just fine with us.
    .. The walk to Wolf Lake is gentle; so to the continuation to Grebe Lake. The bugs are emerging and the multi-winged monsters just now becoming available. Saunter through the woods early, (with bear spray in hand,) and enjoy catching Grayling on just about anything you choose to use.
    Grayling Gumdrop - Yum
    .. Leaches, (small please,) around the weeds and soft water. Sight fishing is possible if you take care to watch the sun. Use a San Juan Worm if you must - pink is nice, so is dark brown.
    .. We suggest that your Fourth Of July fishing adventures be centered around the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park. Check the link in the sidebar to Parks' Fly Shop for the best information. Things are well underway up that way.