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  • Monday, August 29, 2011


    It Don't Mean A Thing
    it's just a capricious mom
    Empty Bridge Over The Firehole River
    .. The colors are Autumn: the temperature is Summer. Grasshoppers are loving the brief pause in the steady temperature decline into Fall.
    Funny How They Look Gray From A Distance
    .. They get to warm up earlier in the day. They get to display their surprising colors for all to see. They get to fly in squadrons around the amber meadows. They get to feed more birds and fish. They just know how to  live. The hot interlude is just mom being a sad comedian.
    .. Fishing is still good in Yellowstone National Park. Terrestrials are claiming most of the attention from feather merchants and experts alike. Hoppers, ants, beetles, spiders, and sundry attractors are doing their thing as they entice fish to the hand.
    Closed Means Closed
    .. We headed to Nez Perce Creek in an effort to enjoy some solitude and cool water.
    .. Surprise! The bear is being persistent and the trails along the river have been closed. The crowds are gathering along the road and over the bridge. The bear is nonchalantly providing entertainment as it enjoys the cool water, abundant ants, hoppers, berries and beetles.
    .. For us, it's not a photo-op but rather a grave disappointment. We had to walk about twice the same distance up the Firehole River to find the cool water of the Little Firehole River.
    .. It's a chore for our legs and the reward, (besides the dances with trout,) was a visit with a neighbor who was bitterly whining about the same things that we were.
    .. Not a single fisher nor photographer that we talked to had bear spray. None considered themselves in any danger. None had heard of the recent death by bear. None could, apparently, read.
    .. It's a sad state of affairs when the illiterate masses with $4,000 cameras and $12,000 lenses can't read, and believe that the National Park Service is just a cartoon force. Believe it or don't: this IS bear country.
    Safety Tip: Put The Kids Between You And The Bear !
    .. Soda Butte Creek is attracting anglers without bear spray and, of course, the meadow bear is still there. Catching is very good on both Slough Creek and the Lamar River. Bugs is the fare when hatching. Terrestrials and attractors when no hatch is present. Sneaky and closed-mouth fisher folk are drowning big Woolly Buggers and Silli-Legs in the meadows of Slough Creek. We wonder why?
    .. Up on the Gallatin River the same critters are being gobbled by the bears and fish alike. It seems, right now, that any old attractor, (size 8 or smaller,) will take fish.
    .. There are three active bears along the Gallatin River inside Yellowstone National Park. Combine this fact with the interesting notion that only one feather merchant in town carries large canisters of bear spray. We wonder at the marketing forces at work given this condition.
    .. Bear spray costs about the same as two days worth of commercially tied flies. Unless you lose less than 5 per day. It also costs much less than a ride in a medivac helicopter. Enough of that!
    ..The mosquitoes of Bechler seem to have taken a break during this warm spell. Boundary Creek, the Bechler River, and several not-to-be-named tributaries in the Cascade Corner are getting a fair amount of attention from fisher folk. Flying ants and beetles seem to be the predominant offerings that are taking fish. Bless 'em all: we hope bear spray is in attendance for the dances.