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  • Monday, July 18, 2011

    Takin' It Easy

    Fish A Little
    play a lot
    Firehole Follies
    .. Despite the warped psyche of Yellowstone's visiting fly flayers, there's more to the park than trout. There are wonders to behold, adventures to partake of, and gentle lolling about to be done.
    .. There's wading without waders, there's sight seeing, there's picnicking, there's flower finding, there's animal gawking, there's photo taking and there's just plain relaxing in spectacular, (and very crowded,) scenery.
    Two-handed mid-air mend
    .. There's even kid fishing and kid swimming and kid frolicking. There's the beautiful roar of diesel buses and the staccato bark of big twin motorcycles.
    .. There's the the gentle giggle of picnicking teen-aged girls and roaring guffaws of the boys that are strutting and posing for them. This is a spectacle like none other on earth.
    .. All this is secondary, (or even a nuisance,) for those that see Yellowstone National Park as some sort of holy tabernacle for catch and torture fly fishing.
    .. The fishing is good, (but not 'the best',) and the surroundings are wondrous to behold. Sadly there are fishers who behold only water and bits of fluff.
    .. There's even fondling and smooching, (and not of fish.) There's cuddling, stroking, sharing, whispering, and commiserating. There's a world of activity that has more to do with the park than the fish.
    .. It's a place where words fail; when you think about it. Yet for a very small segment of the visiting public it's only a place to fish. So sad.
    .. It's finally "High Summer" in Yellowstone Park and time to take it easy. There is fishing and catching to be had. But there's so much more.
    .. Should you choose to fish to the exclusion of the rest of Yellowstone. Or should you choose to absorb the park through a 'windshield survey,' you've missed quite a bit.
    .. This is a place where thermophiles hint at the origin of life. This is a place sitting on top of one of the worlds largest active volcanoes.
    Picnic In The Park
    .. This is a place where grizzles roam, elk bugle, bison battle, and geysers erupt with amazing frequency and regularity.
    .. This is a place where mud boils, sulfur permeates the air, and boiling pools are colored with the vibrancy of a child's coloring book. It would be a shame to miss all that and more.
    .. Right now, fish in the west side streams can be caught with just a single fly. Or three if you're picky. Fish can be caught without getting in the water. Fish can be caught at midday, morning, afternoon, and evening. But if you spend all that time fishing and catching you will have missed Yellowstone.
    Fish Food
    .. Miss it if you must! Right now the Firehole River is at it's Summer tipping point. Temperatures are climbing and the fish are taking it easy. There's caddis around in the morning. The fish are eating them. We suggest that you just leave them be.
    .. The Madison River is providing excellent catching all day long. A caddis imitation of some sort will work for most situations.
    .. Put a dozen sinking and floating flies in a 35mm film canister and leave your waders at home. Walk around and enjoy the park - fish a little too. Wade wet, you won't shrink or melt.
    .. Nez Perce Creek provides thermal areas, bears, bison, marmots, and fish. It's a nice walk. Keep your eyes open and the bear spray in your hand. Caddis work here; particularly the sinking kind.
    One small corner of the park
    .. The Gibbon River is doing better than the glory waters of the western park. If you don't want to use a caddis imitation try any thing that looks like fish food.
    .. Nothing too small right now. Royal Coachman and Goofus Bugs are taking fish on the top. Prince Nymphs down and deep. There are some pretty good hatches of mayflies in the big meadows. They are big and sorta brownish. Fish are eating them when they are around.
    .. Fan Creek is finally coming around and is just the color of dirty dish water. Your favorite attractors will work here along with the caddis.
    .. The Gallatin River has finally bloomed. PMD's, little stoneflies, (nymphs,) and two or three kinds of caddis are all in the offing.
    .. Summer will be gone in little less than a month. Autumn will last for the five weeks after that.  Right now it's time to avoid the heatwave, enjoy the scenery and take your catching as it comes along.