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  • Friday, July 01, 2011

    It's All Hot !

    Sweaty Anglers Rejoicing
    catching beyond belief

    .. Now that there's no place to sleep in West Yellowstone, and no place to avoid the heat, it's time to go fishing.
    .. There is no cool place in town this evening. The pubs have the best air conditioning. Guess where the fisher folk are congregating? Guess what they are talking about? The best fishing possible on the west side of Yellowstone National Park. Guess what's about to happen? The heat will melt more snow. Then what?
    .. The National Weather Service has issued both a FLOOD WATCH AND HEAT ADVISORY for our area. The Gallatin River may flood near Gallatin Gateway and Yellowstone Park may experience record breaking heat over the next two days. It may cool down just a bit for the Fourth of July.
    .. Here's the current river status:
    ==> Firehole, about 225 cfs above seasonal average, colored & clearing, temp. spiking to 68° F, heavy bug activity, highly catchable.
    ==> Gibbon, about 100 cfs above seasonal average, colored & clearing, temp. spiking to 68° F, bug activity picking up, meadows drying, little water producing well, big water attracting stealthy fishers.
    ==> Madison, about 300+ cfs above seasonal average, surprisingly clear, temps holding in mid 60's, heavy evening White Miller and other caddis activity, ignored by many because of crowds and bison activity.
    ==> Gallatin, 300+ cfs above recorded max for the day, out of bank in some canyon sections, temp. at about 60° F, muddy and dangerous.
    ==> Lamar, about 200 cfs above recorded max for the day, still eating the road at confluence meadows & rising, Wild and Woolly Froth, some bugs seen running down the road to escape the muddy rampage, suicide wading discouraged,
    .. [[ Road Press Release #1, Road Press Release #2, Hotline for road closure and conditions: (207) 344-2117.]] There is a distinct possibility for additional closures or heroic delays. Please use the hotline before you travel in the Lamar Valley.
    .. You won't need too many bugs in your box. Your favorite big bugs for the rocky and riffled areas of the Firehole Canyon and riffles near shore on the Madison River, (Yellow Sally, Golden Stone, Salmon Fly.)
    .. White Miller Caddis & small Elk Hair Caddis for the afternoon and evening along the Madison River and Nez Perce Creek, (make noise and sing to the bears.)
    .. Baetids in a few forms: emerger, spinner, dun, stillborn [mangled,] for any hatch you may encounter on the Firehole River below Biscuit Basin. If you are more picky than the fish use a PMD imitation.
    .. Nymphs and streamers will be the way to go for those that want to catch astronomical numers of fish. King Prince and standard Prince should do, beadheads if you like. Two-toned Feather Duster, and Rock Worms should be enough for the upper Firehole River, Nez Perce Creek, the small meadows of the Gibbon River and all over the Madison River.
    .. We're just back, (our orifices were clogged with caddis,) and can report that more fisher folk are reporting success than we've heard for many a Fourth of July. Veracity is never questioned when we chat with visitors!
    .. There's a new watering hole in town and we're going to see if anyone besides the neighbors have found it yet.