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  • Saturday, May 29, 2010

    OH, the joy of it all

    Report Soon
    it's just like you'd hope

    .. Not much snow and a trifling amount of cold mist and rain greeted the eager and faithful as they entered Yellowstone National Park for this year's opening day.
    .. The clouds loomed low and were that perfect shade of dark gray that brings moans to most visitors and smiles to feather flingers who know.
    .. Heavy overcast, and light fog greeted the dawn and lasted until 2:30 - 3:30, depending on where you were.
    .. Fishers on the Firehole River were greeted by broken clouds and tiny bits of blue sky about noon. The brightness did not last long nor did it significantly interrupt the ample but not overwhelming Baetis hatch. Drizzle and gray clouds made for great conditions over much of the west side of the park.
    .. By noon-thirty many successful Firehole fishers had doubled up their rig by floating an emerger followed by a Flash Back Prince Nymph on point. The flies were dinky but not impossible, (16 - 18.)
    .. By 6:30 the day had transformed itself into a still, soft, and gentle countenance that had us transfixed and mesmerized as we pulled fish after fish from the Notellum River. Not much more could have been asked.
    .. The river discharge rates for the Madison River Basin increased noticeably overnight but the color and visibility are still good. We'd hoped for a full week of clear water in the Madison River and the Gibbon River. We'll probably be lucky to get four days. Then it's everybody on the Firehole River for about a month, (baring a significant cold spell.)
    .. The midges were thick on the Madison River around 7-mile Bridge. Fishers were fooled, but not the fish. They were taking Hare's Ear Nymphs and bright green Soft Hackles.
    .. We saw some pilgrims far out on the meadows on the Gibbon River but have nothing to report for this area. However, the finger meadows north of Norris Geyser Basin did produce rumors of good catching on streamers.

    .. The little meadows around the campground and by the Museum Of The Ranger were full of anglers enjoying both the scenery and the bite. Reports of fish right next to some campsites on Solfaterra Creek drew a lunchtime B-B-Q party for fresh Brook Trout.
    .. Several of the neighbors fished around the Barns Holes and the park water near Baker's Hole on the Madison River.
    .. These folks have recently imported a secret fly from England and wanted to try it out, far away from the prying eyes of river spies.
    .. The controversial fly is called a "flexi-bug" and is of the same family lineage as the San Juan Worm and the Gob O' Worms and the Flexi Girdle Bug.
    .. It's mere presence causes some fishers to foam at the mouth, and roll on the ground with either demonic laughter or spastic horror.
    .. Initial reports were whispered in the dark corners of local pubs just a few minutes ago: "slayed 'em," "destroyed the drag on my reel," "broke 'em off on 2x," "landed one that left a hole in the water," "don't tell John."
    .. We'll have better information on this, 2010, opening day tomorrow or Monday. By then we will have recovered from our arm weary day on the Notellum River.